Like the rose that grew from concrete Tony Cook a.k.a. Cookie Monsta grew up in Nottingham, U.K. And just like any rambunctious child he spent his days climbing trees, playing sports and what would prove most important, playing video games. In 1999 a program called "Music 2000" on Playstation's console was created. After seeing his brother play around with the program, he was instantly intrigued with music composition and started making his own sounds on the program. After realizing how much he loved doing this he knew his next step would be to expand his knowledge with the help of formal training. After making the decision to study music technology at school, he started fine-tuning his skills and was introduced to the production program 'Reason' for the first time. Creating tracks with more ease and with the influence of garage, grime and gothic artists, his sound became varied. From upbeat melodies to gritty, dark bass lines he started making waves and people noticed. At the end of the school year, Cookie played a set at his college and received positive feedback prompting him to seriously focus on his music.

Shortly after graduation and focusing on making music he met the man who would change his life forever. Flux Pavillion, took him under his wing and invited him to join the Circus Records label. Working amongst his well-respected peers, his ability to create and expand his musical talent prospered immediately. In July of 2010 he released his first double-side on Circus entitled, 'Ginger Pubes/Blurgh' and it was an instant hit. Supported by many djs, the track exploded and placed Cookie Monsta in a league of his own. Playing with distortion in his music may be common practice, but his knowledge and maturity in doing so, solidified him as a DJ with the ability to edit, censor and produce quality music almost effortlessly. Future releases including 'Me Want Cookie', 'RIOT!', the bouncy 'Diss track', 'Yow Momma' and the Circus 2 compilation mixed with FuntCase have made him stand out in the Circus label. Cookie has been able to have his stamp of unique wit and charm worked into every aspect of his music.

His ability to be playful with his production while sill bringing those hard, catchy basslines has made him one of the most exciting artists to listen to. Never knowing which way a Cookie Monsta track will go has kept fans and everyone else guessing, "which way will the cookie crumble this time?" Alas, we will find out what direction the Cookie Monsta will go on Saturday, March 22nd at Adelaide Hall when he comes to Toronto with the Circus 'Grand Central' tour as part of our 4th Annual Bassweek.  

Known to his friends and fans, Cookie Monsta is always down for a good laugh. If he's not showcased on FuntCase's tour videos pulling pranks, and sampling Canada's best 'sour candies,' he's off touring doing the same thing behind the scenes. Here at Destiny, we set out to find some interesting facts about Mr. Cook and the man behind the music.

He's a Cat Lover:

At one point he had 3 cats that were all pregnant at the same time resulting in multiple litters. When asked what they were named he replied, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc etc" meow.

The Best Cookie for Cookie's Sake:

He loves all cookies but he's partial to Maryland's chocolate chip which is a popular brand in the UK. These cookies are found on his rider and receives them the most from promotors and throws them out to fans at shows.

"EDM, Bro."

He just can't stand that 3-letter term…"EDM" He feels its too generic, "I understand why they [Americans] do it but i don't like the technical term." I think many of us are with him on this one. Right bro?

Take a second, get to know the man that is Cookie Monsta and get ready for some distorted wobbly bass business on Saturday, March 22nd at Adelaide Hall.

Projek: Circus Records (Doctor P, Cookie Monsta and Mizuki)
Venue: Adelaide Hall
Tickets: $40 advanced, more at door, FREE with Bassweek Wristband


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