When one hears the word 'Excision' they may think of things that are raw and gory. When bass heads hear the word Excision those bass filled minds immediately whip to the thoughts of Jeff Abel, the Canadian producer known for pioneering the dark and grimey dubstep that helped jumpstart the very dubstep movement that they all now know and love, producing a sound that relates to the former definition.

Hailing from Kelwona, British Columbia where he shared studio space with another Dubstep legend and his good friend, Datsik, Excision played a large roll in the creation of the dark and filthy Dubstep that leaves ravers throwing their bodies around on dance floors around the world. Incorporating the sounds of bass lines reminiscent of heavy drum and bass with stylish breaks that would make any breakbeat artist proud then mixed with the mellow sounds of early dubstep, Excision can be hailed for pioneering a specific style of dub step that has now been mastered by Datsik and Downlink to name a few. His tracks have been remixed by the likes of Loadstar, Delta Heavy and Dirtyphonics helping bring his ground shaking sound to a larger audience outside the Dubstep world.

Excision has played Shambhala Music Festival, just north of his hometown in British Columbia, a few years in a row now. However last year, Excision played a set that left fans begging for it to be created and then released. After months, and months of impatient waiting it was finally released on his Facebook page as a free download in November. This set leaves your headphones begging for a break and your heart pounding in your chest, bringing you to the point of no return with the epic drops which made Dubstep famous, while being mixed with some massive drum and bass tunes that proves his diversity to anyone daring to second guess his capabilities on the decks. If you head over to the Destiny Soundcloud Page you can grab this download for free or stream it live right here:

Make sure to check out this epic set, for I am positive that he will bring nothing less than this when he comes to Kool Haus on March 29th alongside 100,000 watts of the legendary PK Sound System which will leave the concrete floor of the club begging for a break from the bass. Also in tow, Paper Diamond who will bring a funky and laid back vibe where he mixes every style of bass music into a set that will leave all heads shaking their asses around Kool Haus on the 29th. Check out his Night Vision Tour Mix:




PLAY DE RECORD : 357 Yonge St. – Toronto, ON – 416-586-0380
ROTATE THIS : 801 Queen St. W – Toronto, ON – 416-504-8447
SOUNDSCAPES : 572 College St. – Toronto, ON – 416-537-1620




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