August 7, 2013

While everyone on the Destiny Team has been preparing to celebrate our 20th Anniversary at Kool Haus on August 17th (with an extended 4 HOUR SET from Andy C) I remembered that another hard working company just finished celebrating their platinum anniversary as well, and that is Andy C's very own Ram Records. After a short trip down rave memory lane and digging through my immense catalog of Ram releases, I compiled a short list of my favourite Ram tracks over the past two decades. Since we are going to be celebrating with the label head himself on August 17th I found it only suiting to share this list with you all.

The idea was 20 tracks from 20 years and shortening my list to stick to this original plan was harder than compiling the original list, as I was hit with waves of nostalgia while listening to each record. There are close to 20 tracks listed, some years had too many amazing releases to only decide on one.

In full honesty I was still in diapers when Andy's 'Sour Mash' EP first came out, and had only just gone to my first rave when Pendulum remixed Nightbreeds 'Pack of Wolves,' but each of these tracks hold a uniqueness of their own and a special place in my memories. As nostalgia and memories seem to be the theme as we prepare to celebrate 2o Years at Kool Haus on August 17th I think now is the time to share a few of my favourites from the past 20 years.

Have a listen, bask in the memories and get ready to make even more on August 17th for Destiny's 20th Anniversary Rave.

Enjoy! x

(All tracks listed have been linked to their appropriate You Tube and Sound Cloud pages)


1992: Andy C: Outer Limits
The first release to come out on Ram Records was Andy C's Sour Mash EP. Produced under the heavy influence of break beat and hardcore.

1993: Andy C: Bass Constructor (Sonz of A Loop Da Loop Era Remix)

1994: Flatliner: The Big Bang

1995: Stakka & K Tee: Danger Zone

1996: Origin Unknown: Valley of the Shadows
'Valley of the Shadows' remains one of my favourite jungle records of all time. In many of the interviews I have done, multiple drum and bass producers have cited this as one of their earliest jungle loves. This particular track first appeared as the B Side on Origin Unknown's first release on RAM with 'The Touch' being the A Side although Valley of Shadows quickly became more popular. This single was one of the labels best selling releases with the main sample '... long dark tunnel' taken from a quote on a BBC documentary based on outer body experiences. I feel that is a combination of the tracks sample selection and the minimalist jungle energy which made this record and instant personal favourite.

1997: Moving Fusion: Turbulance

1998: Ram Trilogy: Mind Overload
In 1998 Ram's main men, Andy C, Shimon and Origin Unkown (Ant Miles) joined forces to release under the title 'Ram Trilogy." They released EP packages under the titles, Chapter One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six. Mind Overload appeared on the Chapter Two EP released in 1998.

1999: Moving Fusion: Sex Drive

2000: Moving Fusion: Peacekeeper

2001: Andy C & Shimon: Body Rock

By 2001 Andy C & Shimon had already released numerous records alongside Origin Unknown as Ram Trilogy. The duo had also exclusively released Quest, Nightflight, Mutation and Genetix in both 1996 and 1997 (respectively.) In 2001 the duo released 'Body Rock' a record that has held the staying power for almost 15 years as you can still catch this song being played in some of Andy C's sets and remains as one of my favourite rollers.

2002: Ram Trilogy : Beastman

2003: Origin Unkown feat. Dynamite MC: Hotness

2004: Nightbreed: Pack of Wolves (Pendulum Remix)

2005: Sub Focus: X Ray

2006: Sub Focus: Airplane

Airplane. This is one of the records that truly solidified my already burgeoning love for Drum and Bass. The production of this track was something unprecedented for a producer of this age and I can cite numerous conversations with influential drum and bass producers who claim this to be a record that made them want to produce drum and bass more seriously.

2007: Culture Shock feat. Brookes Brothers: Rework 

In 2007 Culture Shock released 'Astroides' his first single with Ram Records. Following on its success, James Poutney (Culture Shock) released the 'Third Stage' EP. On it, the track 'Rework' which features the talented brotherly duo, The Brookes Brothers.
To call the contrast of sounds that occurs on this record simply beautiful is an understatement. On this track Culture Shock was still crafting his sometimes ominously dark and poetic basslines while the Brookes Brothers were able to inject their somewhat light hearted drum patterns. One of my favourites within the entire genre.

2007 became to be a monumental year for the label, one which truly made Ram Records a house hold name within the Drum and Bass world. Following the release of Culture Shock's Third Stage EP the label released the second single from the duo Chase & Status 'Hurt You / Sell Me Your Soul' the former which launched the two into extremely successful careers with them currently at the forefront of the mainstream drum and bass scene.

2008: Sub Focus: Timewarp

2009: Sub Focus: Rock It

2010: Loadstar: Link to the Past

After leading moderately successful solo careers under the titles Lomax and Xample, both of whom which released their own singles on Ram Records independently and as a duo, the two Bristol based producers decided to reemerge under the name Loadstar. This decision can easily be considered as one of the greatest to be made in drum and bass circuit, for the duo have released nothing but successful drum and bass anthems, one after another. Their debut album, Future Perfect, came out this year after a long three year wait.

2011: Chase & Status: Blind aith (Loadstar Remix)

2012: Culture Shock: Troglodyte

Troglodyte is a personal favourite for the reason that as soon as it was released, it became a song for the DJs. You cannot hear one set or mix of the drum and bass variety without hearing the hauntingly deep vocals that appear on this track before it drops into the chaos of basslines and hard drum patterns.


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