March 11, 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! BASSWEEK! Even though this is our 6th Bassweek we still often get the same questions over and over, so we’ve compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions.


What does the wristband get you?

The Bassweek Wristband is your pass to get you into all Bassweek events for either free or a reduced rate.  The full list of events can be seen here:  CLICK HERE


Where do I pick up my wristband?

You can redeem your wristband ticket for your Bassweek Wristband at the first Bassweek event you attend. There will be Destiny representatives at the door to do the exchange.


Can I take my wristband off?

IMPORTANT! No, you can not. The Bassweek Wristband is your ticket to the events, and yours alone. It must remain attached to your body at all times for the entire week. The wristband will become invalid if removed for any reason. The wristbands are made of high quality materials and do not ‘break’ or ‘fall off’. Security will be checking the wristbands upon entry to each event to ensure they have not been removed or tampered with. We know all the ‘tricks’. We know what you look for.

IMPORTANT! If you have a job or some other requirement preventing you from wearing a wristband for whatever reason and you can’t hide it under a wristwatch or long sleeves, do not attach it to your wrist. In previous years we have had people attach their Bassweek wristbands to their ankles. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR WRISTBAND! Doing so will VOID your wristband and you will not be allowed into the rest of the shows.


Can I shower with my wristband on?

Absolutely! It dries quickly and won’t come off.


Can I eat my wristband?

We don't recommend it, but it could be a good fibre supplement!  Please note: Bassweek wristbands that have passed through your intestinal tract are no longer valid.


You can still buy a wristband HERE.  See you on the dancefloor!

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