March 12, 2014

Hailing from Dunfermline, Scotland, Reilly Brown better known as (Mizuki/Muzuki's Last Chance) has quickly become a producer/dj with a signature sound and a creative vision for his music. Naming himself after the warrior  "Mizuki" in the popular magna strip, Naruto, there's no mistaking this young talent had a definitive purpose to succeed. He started producing at the age of 16 during the mid 2000's when Dubstep was gaining commercial success in the UK and abroad. Like many new producers he faced the same road blocks of harnessing his own sound with little resources and a desire to turn his dream into a reality. Referencing artists like Daft Punk, Chase & Status and Justice; Mizuki set out on his journey of finding his niche and making a name for himself in dance music. Early on in his career he described his sound as "Chiptune, Electro, Drum & Bass and Dubstep"  While the spectrum to create a unique sound was vast being involved in so many genres; his first 5 EP's demonstrated an uncanny ability to showcase a variety of genres while maintaining his own sound.

In 2011, Mizuki released a 6-track EP that would later define him as a "Master of the 8-bit sound". Entitled 'Tactical Assault' the EP embodies that 8-bit sound with experimental dubstep and drum and bass tracks like 'Rolling Blackouts' & 'Backlash'. Follow-up releases such as 'Holy Bleep', 'Sicktogram', 'The Monsoon E.P.' & Broke As Funk (which was made in one week) solidified Mizuki as a force to be reckoned with. Release after release he was gaining more popularity but he hadn't found his break until he entered a remix competition.

Already a fan of the Circus label, Reilly made the life changing decision to enter a remix competition for Doctor P's classic 'Neon' ft. Jenna G. Having previously remixed Doctor P's 'Sweet Shop' on his Tactical Assault EP he was no stranger to the signature Circus sound. The infectious build up leading into a glitch-drenched funky bassline proved to be a hit. Up against some solid entries from artists like Tristam his originality and creativity caught the ears of Doctor P and the Circus Records family. Mizuki's remix was named the winner of the competition and 'Last Chance' was dropped from his moniker. All that remained was a passionate young dj ready to roll with undoubtedly one of the biggest international labels in the world.

Shortly after joining the Circus family, no time was wasted in introducing him as the fresh new talent with a big sound. April 2013 marked the release of his first double-side EP, 'Punch Out/Oh Yeah' followed up with his single 'Uppercut' in September. Both releases were very successful in showcasing his range as a producer. From an upbeat glitch hop track like 'Punch Out' to the aggressive, gritty baseline on 'Uppercut' the integrity of his music remained the same. His ability to produce polar opposite tracks without losing his individuality pens him as a professional even with the few years he's had in this industry. When the Shady Bunch EP from Circus was released shortly after, Mizuki's 'Damn F*#king Right' made a striking debut and sent waves throughout the scene. The next collaboration which for Mizuki would be the most important was the release of 'Circus Two'. The success of "Damn F*#king Right" landed it a spot on Circus Two alongside his two other massive singles entitled, 'Block Party' and 'Helios'.

The Grand Central Tour is taking place March 22nd at the hot new venue Adelaide Hall in Toronto for Bassweek. It will feature Mizuki alongside Doctor P, Cookie Monsta and Toronto's own Hydee which is sure to be a night of the mayhem. The tour is supporting the Grand Central EP that will be released March 24th featuring Mizuki, Doctor P, Cookie Monsta, Flux Pavillion and various guest artists. Individual tickets are available but it's highly recommended you purchase a wristband and get entry to all four events taking place over the last two weekends in March. It only comes around once a year so get your dancing shoes on and celebrate the best time of the year!


Words By Sahara "Saha" P.

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