March 3, 2014

It takes many things to become successful in the music business, especially in the close knit world that is Drum and Bass. One man has been able to carve out a permanent spot for himself in this scene and that man is DJ Bailey. Working as a DJ, radio host and a producer, Bailey is a self proclaimed and a group enforced 'DJ Representer' covering all the stops within DNB and earning him the up-most respect by professionals, peers and fans.

Bailey's career started much the same as the others of his time. Hailing from South London, he was first exposed to the burgeoning world of Acid House, Detroit Techno and Hardcore by attending the infamous warehouse parties of the late 80's and early 90's. It was at this time that Breakbeat started to be heard on the dance floors which led to the development of Drum and Bass and helped it to emerge as the dominant force that is is now. Captivated by these powerful sounds, Bailey began to work the circuit of playing bars, small clubs and pirate radio stations. During this time he began to gain the attention of some prominent members of the DNB scene and was quickly recruited by Metalheadz in '95 to join the team as a resident DJ for their club nights, a position he still holds to this day. Hell, he just celebrated alongside the big man himself, Goldie, when they celebrated the Metalheadz 20th Anniversary last month! It takes a man of real talent to maintain a staying power like that and his resume speaks for itself.

Aside from touring circles around the world both individually and as part of the World of Drum and Bass tour, Bailey has always stayed busy working in radio studios. Bailey held a residency at BBC 1 and 1xtra from 2002-2012 bring DNB to the masses every Wednesday for 10 years. After a decade of pounding the BBC airwaves, Bailey moved his show to the Ministry of Sound's studios where we can catch him Live on Air every Tuesday at 5pm GMT. It takes a real talent to be asked to play to millions on air week after week, and his DJ skills speak for themselves. Recently profiled by Serato as part of their 'Serato Icon Artist Series' Bailey's skills are valued for his ability to hear the promise in fresh sounds while respecting the spirit of the classics, a talent that can be heard on air, in the club or on disc.

Bailey is respected across the span of Drum and Bass and his skills transition from behind the decks and into the studio as well. Although he is recognized more notably for his impressive mixing skills, he has spent time in the studio with the likes of Goldie, Damien Marley, Nas, and Roni Size. Most recently Bailey was commissioned by Chronic Records to mix 'Warehouse Music' a 24 track compilation selected by Bryan Gee. This compilation perfectly showcases Bailey's flawless skills on the decks by mixing the likes of Sereum, Optiv & BTK, Bladerunner, Roni Size and Need for Mirrors (to name a small few.)

Between his weekly radio show, production projects and his relentless touring Bailey has been able to gain an understanding and respect for Drum and Bass that only a true veteran to the scene could develop. It is the deep appreciation for both the sound and craft that has allowed Bailey to excel in the way he has. No newcomer to the World of Drum and Bass tour, which will be coming to Toronto on March 28th, he has also just launched a monthly event of his own, Soul In Motion, alongside Need For Mirrors, which will be taking place the first Wednesday of every month in March. Sadly, us Canadian's don't have the luxury of the lucky Londoner's do, therefor we must embrace what chances we have to experience talent of this magnitude.

On March 28th at Barcode Nightclub in Toronto, Bailey will be joining DJ SS, Mampi Swift, and Greenlaw while they make the Toronto stop of the WODNB tour. Locals for the night include: Everfresh, Mr. Brown and Rick Toxic creating a well rounded and high energy line up. This event is for the heads and cannot not be missed. WODNB is the 3rd Party of this years Bass Week, with the year's events kicking off with Projek: Hospitality the week before. Tickets for this event are available individually but if you want to save some money and enjoy a week of Drum and Bass, then make sure to pick up a wristband!

Event Info: Projek - World of Drum and Bass

364 Richmond St East, Toronto

Must be 19+ with ID


BassWeek wristbands go on sale this Friday at 10AM on Ticketmaster starting at $79. Wristbands will grant access to 4 BIG BassWeek events and more!


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