May 11, 2014

In the world of electronic music, there are few persons to which we can attribute the title of 'legend'. In this case, DJ Marky is without fault an individual deserving of that moniker. With a career spanning over 20 years, DJ Marky otherwise known as Marco Silva has proven to be an innovative, unique DJ whose countless offerings have inspired many and shaped the Drum& Bass scene.

Interestingly enough, like many drum & bass DJs that get their chance at stardom on European soil, he did not. Across the world in sunny, carefree Sao Paolo, Brazil where art and passion intertwine to create the rich, vibrant culture we attribute to Brazilians, is where Marky's  life changed forever. Having travelled to London to meet DJ Hype and Goldie it was only a matter of time until he would leave his humble beginnings behind to travel to the UK and gain commercial success.

Heavily influenced by hip hop, funk, house and techno, Marky created signature fusion tracks that we're well-recieved in Sao Paolo's nightlife scene. The artistry in production and mixing exhibited by Marky was what caught the attention of Bryan Gee, co-founder of V Recordings and an already established, influential force in Drum & Bass culture in the UK. Shortly after the visit Marky began making waves in the UK and landed a residency at Movement Nightclub. His debut track, 'LK' (Carolina Carol Bela)' would prove to be the stunning start he needed. (The LK uniquely standing for 'Liquid Kitchen' - a titled created after watching his mom clean the kitchen) . Written alongside fellow Brazilian, XRS featuring Stamina MC the soothing summer vibe was an instant hit. Unique velvety r&b vocals from Stamina  MC and quaint spanish guitar strumming made it standout as undeniably charming.

After 'LK' gained chart success in the UK Top 20, the accolades began to flow in. He won 'Best New DJ" by UK music critics in 1999, gained another residency at 'The End' club and began working at BBC Radio 1. In 2002 after many successful EPs 'The Brazilian Job' was released. A full-length compilation mixed by Marky that has been remarked as one of the most important, influential drum & bass releases ever. Toted for unique scratching, latin undertones, downtempo vocals and seamless transitions it catapulted into a realm of drum & bass that wasn't being heard at the time.

After years of hitting the pavement, touring countless festivals, playing club nights and working at the 'all-seeing' BBC Radio it was time for Mr. Silva to leave . In 2003 he began his own record label, Innerground which he started with fellow Brazilian DJ Maestro. Their dedication in honing in quality over quantity and their passion for powerful music has drawn many A-list artists to the imprint including; Logistics, Random Movement, A-Sides, Total Science, Digital and Calibre just to name a few. 2004 proved to be a monstrous year for Marky, he released another album entitled, 'In Rotation' and an Essential Mix on BBC Radio One that was very well received. Beyond managing his new label and making time for his residencies all over the world and as far as Tokyo, there really are no limits for the superstar Brazilian bad mon. Although drum & bass is his passion he continues to push his own limits and work outside his comfort zone. From remixes with Fatboy Slim, Deadmau5 and Claude Von Stroke there are no signs of him slowing down. With over 100 releases under his belt and more on the way his heavyweight presence is a forced to be reckoned with.

Still not convinced? Check out this video of Marky last April in Toronto where mixes the legendary DJ Hazard's 'Time Tripping'...    upside down.

In case you have yet to experience a live set by DJ Marky, check out his mix from LIVE at Mixmag or subscribe to his monthly Podcast on iTunes!

On Friday May 23rd DJ Marky will be gracing us with his presence alongside Ed Rush & Optical at the Hoxton for a legendary night of Drum and Bass. Tickets are available ONLINE or through our amazing team of promoters. 


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