August 25, 2014

"Everything is connected by vibrations and it's that positive force that helps music connect with people. I carry this energy in my songs.”
- Dub FX

In a technological world with a growing demand for new music, we tend to encounter generic and at times, barely palatable music. Few artists make a point to create not only a piece of music but a feeling to which we can relate to that music. Dub FX better known as Ben Standford is the man doing just that. The Australian native who took to the streets with little money and a dream of drawing people into his colourful world began making a name for himself in a short five years. He purchased a looping station and preformed all over Australia before taking his skills abroad mesmerizing people traveling through busy urban streets. His unique beatboxing skills and knack for creating unprecedented sounds got him recognized and soon enough his moniker as Dub FX was exploding in the music industry. Early on in his career he played in a variety of different bands including Twitch & N.O.N. with current bandmate CAde. From hip hop to heavy metal and MCing over breakbeat & house music, he understood the nuances of music and breathed life into all of his projects.


Looking for something more personal and unique, he set forth on his journey of musical exploration. Instead of signing with a record label he decided to go solo and cultivate his projects under his own label, Convoyun. Ltd. Alongside help from 'Flower Fairy' (his fiancé), CAde Anderson and Andy V he continued to grow his band adding more musical instruments to his music and live performances. In 2007 he released a live performance compilation followed up by his first studio album, 'Everythinks A Ripple' which highlighted his love for bass music and genre-fusion tracks. It generated a buzz and standout tracks including, 'Society Gates' & 'Love Me Or Not' were fan favourites. Staying true to his street preforming background the importance of touring became his focus. In a span of five years he's toured over 40 countries, sold 100,000 records and has an enormous social media following of over 1 million fans. Impressive? I think so. After several years of solid touring he took some time off to return to the studio. His second studio album titled, 'Theory of Harmony'  was released last December and focuses on an array of social and political issues which is a common thread in his career. Moreover, tracks like 'In My Head' and 'Bass Line' showcase his idea of what bass music should sound like. The restraint and subtlety of the basslines are well executed and beautifully refreshing. The 'Theory of Harmony' tour has been igniting cities all over the world and fans have continued to be awed by his raw, intense performances. With steady traveling, a growing fan base and a pure love for music there is no stopping the rise of Dub FX.

Things you don't know about Dub FX:

As much as we know about Ben's street performing and his music. We took the time to find some interesting facts about the phenom. From the ideal MC to the gadgets he can't live without! Here's a few things to get you more acquainted with the lovely, Dub FX.

  • Wash Your Mouth with Soap: His MCs must abstain from excessive use of profanity and subject matter must be enlightening and engaging
  • Go Big or Go Home: He wants to be able to bring more things and the road and expand the band (3 piece horn section, bass, guitars, back-up singers etc)
  • Flashback: The songs on 'Everythink is a Ripple' were written 10 years previously. They were written on guitar then transferred to a looping station.
  • Deja Vu: He doesn't like to see a band and have it sound exactly like a CD (Don't we all?) 100% agree
  • Toy Story: He refers to himself as a 'gear slut' studio ex. Vocal SM9 Monitors, SPO Tube Vitalizer, Most sounds still come from the pedal and drum samples.
  • Deserted: He could happily live on a desert island. His DJ persona is outgoing but Ben himself, is an introvert. "I can entertain myself, that's what an introvert is". "Dub FX is extroverted, I bounce off the audience around me and I feed on energy that comes in."
  • BFF: He's known CAde since he was 15 years old. He respects his bandmate and praises him for success. "I’m just an artist and CAde is the mind behind making the machinery work."

The whole ideology of Dub FX is the sums of its parts. His image of living well and sharing his love of art and music is directly reflected in his releases and performances. The 'Theory of Harmony' tour lands here October 3rd at The Opera House with support from Vilify, Marcus Visionary and Frase. His last Toronto performance came within a couple of people of selling out,  so don't miss out!

Tickets are available ONLINE or through our amazing team of promoters HERE.

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