February 15, 2015


Ed Keeley has seen and done it all. From his fans and followers to his fellow comrades throughout the drum and bass scene, his imprint is colossal. Pete Tong describes him as 'one of the big dogs' which is appropriate for what he's been able to achieve in his career. Ed Keeley grew up in Brighton, and began playing and promoting events just like many others do in order to find a break. Throughout that time, he met local producers Stakka and K-Tee who were already established with Ram Records, resulting in a good working relationship. In 1998 he released his debut single, 'Critical Mass' under the name Kinnetix alongside Stakka and fell into his rhythm. The mesmerizing bassline proved to be a hit and soon after, major record labels were interested in him. He started releasing songs and remixes on Metalheadz, Hospital, Renegade Hardware which led to commercial success. With over 70 releases under his belt including the massive rework of the classic anthem, 'Back To Your Roots' he's been quite busy building his brand.

By 2004, he started his label, Shogun Audio. 'Shogun' (appropriately named) which means 'military commander' or 'general' in Japanese boasts a bevy of first-class artists that continue to make the label cutting-edge after 10 years of its inception. The sister label of Shogun, SGN:LTD was started shortly after in 2006 and includes artists with great ingenuity such as, SpectraSoul, Alix Perez and Icicle.

Having two labels, releasing music and touring didn't slow him down. Previous guest appearances on the BBC Radio 1 Drum and Bass show eventually turned into a permanent position. In 2012, Friction got his own slot at the esteemed radio station which has been very successful with new and old listeners. If that wasn't impressive enough, the multi-talented mastermind also has a long list of awards under his belt. Back in 2011 he was inaugurated into the D&B Hall of Fame at the DNB Arena Awards and has won several 'Best Newcomer' and 'Best DJ' awards throughout the globe over the years. It's always rare to find special gems that continue to diversity and add relevant history to drum and bass movement. You can be sure that his efforts and music will be a topic of discussion long after he hangs up his headphones.

DJ Friction at the Opera House in Toronto

A Few Fric'kin' Facts: 

He describes his musical taste as 'eclectic'
His father was self-employed in South London during the late 80's. He remembers sitting in the back of his working space and listening to a wide variety of rock, pop, jazz, hip hop etc.. and describes his taste as 'eclectic'

Who's Friction listening to?
He thinks Rockwell, Metrik and Technimatic are keeping drum and bass really 'fresh' and delivering quality tunes.

He never misses a note!
He said after 6 month of buying his second laptop he had to take it in to add more memory because of the amount of music he receives. Between his BBC Radio 1 show, Shogun entries and music from his artists it all adds up quite fast!


Friction will be here Friday, February 20th at The Opera House alongside local heavyweights; DJ Lush, Hydee, DJ Spinz & Stickbubbly . Tickets will sell out, so make sure you grab em' up ASAP and get ready for the music to lead you astray!

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