January 23, 2015

SNOW & BASS - January 30th, 2015 @ Ryze
(event info here)

In the midst of body-numbing temperatures in Toronto it's only reasonable that we bring three of drum and bass' heavyweights for a night of strict bass business. Get out of your winter woes and join us inside Ryze Nightclub January 30th to experience these legends in an intimate setting. Need more convincing? Just scroll down and get reacquainted with drum and bass royalty.


Nicky Blackmarket:

Known for his long career in drum and bass and his impact at the iconic record store, 'Blackmarket Records' now, 'BM-Soho', Nicky has secured a niche set of followers. From early breakbeat hardcore fans to new drum and bass fans, his presence and respect is felt throughout the globe. Nicholas Andersson-Glyden started DJing at youth clubs in London at the age of 14 which turned into getting more into the public ear (pun intended) at Friends FM. Exposure on the radio waves eventually led to Nicky joining the team at Blackmarket Records in 1990 and two years later, he decided to open up a separate department to cater to the growing breakbeat sound we now know as, drum and bass. Alongside cultivating the department and being hands-on with all of the material coming through the shop he continued to focus on his own career. He started his own label Gyroscope Records alongside music royalty, Dave Piccioni which resulted in the release of his first record the, 'Spam' EP and the coveted 'D'Bounce EP Vol.1'. Regarding himself as a "DJ first" he continuously traveled around the UK and internationally doing what he loves most.

Between running the shop, producing and djing he met the MC Stevie Hyper D. As a dynamic duo they played parties at the Raw Club in the west of London and played on Kool FM (East London's longest running radio station) which featured them every Sunday as a part of the station's, 'Super-Sunday' special. Unfortunately, their run ended rather abruptly due to the untimely death of Stevie a few years after. Continuing to move forward and be cutting-edge in the drum and bass scene he created his second label, 'Kartoonz' which released TNT's massive anthem, '2 degrees' amongst many other hits. His undeniable dedication to the drum and bass scene make him a trailblazer deserving of the title as a founding pioneer and legend.

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