November 11, 2012

Brought together in London through their shared love of Drum & Bass – Saul Milton (Chase) and Will Kennard (Status) met in the 90s, and to put it in the most cliché way possible... the rest was history. They are two of the most famous and in demand musicians, producers, DJs, and performers in the scene. Their singles live on the charts, such as ‘Blind Faith’ which peaked at No. 4 on the UK Single’s Chart. Their most recent album ‘No More Idols’ reached #2 on the UK Album’s Chart in 2011, losing to Adele for the No.1 slot. Their productions skills need no introduction… they’re simply brilliant, and this is understood both inside and outside the electronic music world (Rhianna considers them the ‘backbone’ to her Rated R album that they helped produce).

They are one of the highest selling musicians in the UK – selling over 1 million albums in UK alone with No More Idols going double platinum. They received a massive shout out at the Brit Awards last February when they were nominated for ‘Best British Group’ – a large ups to Drum and Bass music by the most prestigious British Music Award available in the music industry.

Their DJ sets bring a swirling mix of dance floor anthems, epic vocals, emotional hip hop and straight jungle vibes to create an energy that other DJs aspire for within their sets. Having mastered the art of mixing, the obvious next step was to conquer producing a Live Show, which they premiered at BBCs Big Weekend back in ’09. This show incorporates a live drummer as well as vocalists such as Plan B, Tinnie Tempah, Maverick Sabre, then paired with their resident MC, ‘MC RAGE’. This live show has sold out 10 different tours across the globe, from Japan to Coachella.

Experiencing a performance by Chase & Status is like nothing else. Their set at WEMF this past summer was the perfect blend of Drum and Bass and Dusbtep, with enough electro breaks mixed in between to keep the heads of every genre happy. And it is this style that we have come to expect from the duo and it is this style that is always delivered. Expect nothing less inside the main room of GUV on November 30th. Check out their DJ set at Privelege in Ibiza from this past summer, follow the link to Destiny's Soundcloud and grab your free download.


The duo began producing together in 2004 where they began slamming out Dn’B anthem after anthem in the way that only natural born talent could. They released ‘The Druids’ EP on Zinc’s Bingo imprint and their jungle style single ‘Duppy Man’ came out on Breakbeat Kaos. They also released on RAM, Renegade Hardware and all the other big names of the Drum and Bass world. In 2008 they released their debut album ‘More Than A lot’ on RAM Records, an album that has a track list that looks like it was ripped from Radio 1’s top 10. This album brought us ‘Pieces featuring Plan B', ‘Running’, and ‘Eastern Jam’ – the latter being one of the duo’s first dubstep releases, and is constantly cited in interviews as a favourite by some of the most influential dubstep producers around.

Their most recent album No More Idols was released with immediate success in 2011 featuring the hits ‘Blind Faith feat. Liam Bailey’, ‘Flashing Lights feat. Sub Focus’ and the infamous ‘No Problem’ which is still heard in basically every Drum and Bass set being spun. There is talks of an album currently in the works, scheduled to release sometime in 2013. They recently gave away their latest single ‘Big Man feat. Liam Bailey’ on their website for free – the tracks blend of drumstep and drum and bass giving us a little preview of the diversity their upcoming releases are going to bring.

If being wicked producers and DJs wasn’t enough – the duo also run their own label MTA Records, which they started in 2009, where they manage the likes of KillSonik and Nero. By combining their skills in the studio, on stage and in the office they have an obvious ear for sound and what the crowd wants. It is this talent that carries over into their DJ sets and is what we can expect at Projek: Chase & Status at Guvernment on November 30th.

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