March 18, 2014

Danny Byrd. One of the first names that comes to mind upon hearing 'Hospital Records.' It could be argued that the present day Hospital Records would not be where it is now without the signing of the Byrdman in its early conception. Byrd released his first single titled 'Do it Again' in early 2000. Now, 14 years later he has released 3 albums and countless singles all under the Hospital name. It was an 8 year wait for his first studio album, having dropped 'Supersized' in 2008 followed by 'Rave Digger' in 2010. The latter of the two was a huge success. Employing his distinct sound alongside his obvious use of hip hop and R&B, tunes like 'Ill Behaviour' 'We Can Have it All' and 'Tonight' featuring label mate Netsky, made this success of Rave Digger come easy.

With 'Ill Behaviour' nabbing a coveted No.1 slot on the UK Dance Charts, Danny Byrd's sound was taken to a whole new audience and allowed his popularity to grow. After slaving the tour circuit and hibernating in his studio with his computer and a bottle of Brandy, Danny released 'Golden Ticket' in 2013, his 3rd studio album. This album is the perfect representation of a decade spent of honing one particular sound. Each song on this 21 track LP is diverse yet has the signature Danny Byrd sound echoed throughout. With enough appeal to gain regular plugs on the radio waves, as well as strong dance floor playability, Golden Ticket is by far his greatest work yet. Featuring tracks such as the anthem 'Get on It' featuring the Brookes Brothers as well as the massive dance floor killer 'Bad Boy (Back Again)' and a ton of liquidy, funky and gnarly business in between, this album is simply HUGE. 

To help get you reacquainted with the legend that is Danny Byrd, check out the documentary curated alongside his 'Golden Ticket' album. It gives you a behind the scenes look of the life of Danny, both on the road and in the studio. Give it a watch, rinse the f**k out, and see you all on Friday March 21st at Sound Academy when we welcome the Hospitality Family back to Toronto for the kick off of our 4th Annual Bassweek! 


When: Friday March 21st 2014
Where: Sound Academy, Toronto
How: Tickets Online $35 or FREE with a  Bassweek wristband
Must be 19+ with valid I.D

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