June 12, 2014


When you think of the artists within the dubstep genre a few names jump out and catch your attention. One of those names, is none other than, 'Datsik'. Known for his dark yet playful and effervescent tracks he has single-handedly created an empire that is well respected and formidable in the dubstep arena. Troy Bettles was just like any other teenager growing up in Kelowna, British Columbia. He played his Xbox under the infamous gamertag, 'Datsik' (which he was influenced to keep as his stage name) and had a love for music. Heavily influenced by Wu-Tang Clan and hip-hop he decided to try his hand at making music.

During his experimental stage he used the popular production tool, FL Studios and was quite impressed with his creations. However, he couldn't pinpoint his funky basslines to a genre and also couldn't complete the package with an MC or vocalist the way he envisioned. Although disappointing at first, a trip to Shambhala in 2008 opened his eyes to the world in which he's now celebrated within. After seeing Excision play he realized what he was creating had a name and it would turn from a desirable hobby into something much bigger. Motivated and encouraged, he dove into research and met the likes of, Trolley Snatcha, Doctor P, FuntCase and Cookie Monsta while communicating back and forth on a forum about dubstep production. This was the beginning of a fast-paced, whirlwind of achievements and entering an unknown realm.

His career started when he began working with Excision on a Double-A Side which resulted in the massive dubstep anthem, 'Swagga' . Working steadily whilst releasing tracks such as, 'Hydraulic', 'Overdose', 'Firepower' and 'Boom' Datsik earned his rite to passage in the electronic music scene as the purveyor of all things bass. Release after release he was turning the heads of seasoned and inspiring artists as well as cultivating a serious following of bassheads.

It was 2012 that proved to be the most important year of his life. Faced with apprehension and the fear of failure, he released his first LP entitled, 'Vitamin D'. This instantly catapulted him from the DJ who can make a single track, to the artist that can tell a story with fluidity and take us on a musical journey. The album was successful in doing all of that and more. The featherweight vocals and composition against the distorted, hip-hop bounce tracks were infectiously mesmerizing. Even with the stress of the album release, Troy wanted more and at the age of 23 he did what some people dream of doing at that age, he started his own record label naming it after one of his earlier releases, Firepower. In a mere two years it has become home to 30 of dubstep's finest artists to-date including; Bare Noize, Delta Heavy, Terravita, Trampa and Getter just to name a few. With new chart-topping tracks and EPs being released, Firepower Records has taken over the dubstep scene and is already revered as a label carrying young, adventurous artists whose sounds are likely to diversify and drive the future of bass music. With his plate seemingly full after starting his label and playing protege to newly signed talent, he launched his Firepower Tour in 2013. The tour was very successful and featured 'The Vortex' a stage design described by Datsik as a, 'three dimensional worm-hole' which he coupled with the earth-shattering 'PK sound' system

His uncompromising love for the craft and his knack for developing new ways to express his passion through music, he has gained international success and recognition as part of the elite artists we attribute to the 'dubstep boom.' He's had seven #1 tracks on Beatport over the years and continues to dominate the charts with his gripping, infections undertones that appeal to a wide range of bass lovers. His ability to fuse the gritty, loud overtones of dubstep with the cool 808's we so familiarize with hip hop, has undoubtedly been a success. This year the release of his second LP, 'Let It Burn' highlighted his range as a producer. From upbeat bigroom tunes like, 'Closer to the Sun' to the low, deep undertones we love on the smash-hit, 'Hold it Down' ft. Georgia Murray. All of it is just, well... SIK (get it?).

On Friday June 13th join us inside the main room of The Guvernment and get lost in the vortex to some dirty bass vibes. Tickets are still available so grab them up quick!

Words By: Sahara 'Saha' P.

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