August 6, 2015

ROLE: DJ/Original Crew

22 years ago I wandered into a warehouse on Commisioners St. in Toronto and my life was never the same... it was Destiny Fridays. 28568_402928190821_1294508_nI had been going to parties for a bit but hadn't had a chance to check out the first couple events. I was instantly hooked... I was instantly and always will be a "Destiny Kid". I started my rave dj career in the back room... helped clean the space on Friday afternoons and it was my home every weekend until we moved... I have life long friendships that came from Destiny parties that I will always cherish. My 22 year friendship with the recently departed Don Berns aka Dr.Trance started at Destiny Fridays and grew into one of the most influential relationships in my life. I had the honor of actually throwing a rave WITH Destiny as Dr.Trance and I's company 2XL helped bring Ultrasonic in with them for a warehouse party.



Speaking of Ultrasonic I became close friends with some of the guest djs Destiny brought in and those friendships exist to this day with Madam Zu, Mallorca Lee (Ultrasonic) and Mark EG just to name a few. My "raving crew" from Destiny Fridays remain, to this day, some of my closest friends... you will catch us all together on a dance floor from time to time. The bond we forged dancing the night away on Friday nights will last forever.

I would be remiss if I didn't talk about WEMF. The first "3 day" took place at Mosport and I opened. I remember the track. Alien Factory - Destiny.

That night the rave was nearly blown away by a tornado and the next 2 days were spent by all of us just trying to keep it going.

I had the pleasure of running the "hard" room for a few years and put together some of my dream hard dance line ups with Destiny's help. Two of my favorite sets ever were impromptu tag team sets with Madam ZU and Mark EG on renegade stages as well. I am very proud of my part in WEMF history to say the least. I love WEMF... I will never stop djing as long as there is hope of playing just one more... even if it's fleeting.

I could go on for pages about memories but rather I just want to say that Ryan, Eryk and Jessie always made/make me feel at home and I am so very proud of what they created and what Destiny has become. To pick one memory that stands out would be impossible and that is a testament to just how many there are. Thank you and here's to many more memories to come.


Friends Forever we will be...




** Join us on August 14th, 2015 to celebrate 22 continuous years of Destiny events! CLICK HERE for more info **

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