July 29, 2015


"My Destiny memory comes from the very first Destiny event, July 17 1993 at Isabella Gardens. There were actually three raves that night, none of the big promoters of that era such as Pleasure Force or Nitrous had an event that night so I guess it was an open date for smaller or lesser known promoters to throw an event (same thing goes on to this day).

happyfaceWe started our night at a Rave at the recently towed away for scrap 'Captain Johns' restaurant boat put on by Happy Face. It sucked.  We were really pissed that we wasted money and time there, to be perfectly honest.

Next we went to 318 Richmond (aka: 23 Hop) for a party called Vivid which if I remember was put on by this guy 'Joe' who was basically Dr No's driver/right hand man. We tried to talk our way in cause we didn't want to spend more money after 942438_10151603127600822_393363692_nHappy Face but who ever was at the door wasn't having it. Basically this was the 1993 equivalent of the "cool guy" party, if you know what I mean, with all of our DJ heroes and their crews hanging out there and we didn't have the "juice" to get in. This party had a great line up featuring Ruffneck, Medicine Muffin as well as one of the very first parties that Mystical played at. We went there to see him play specifically and when we couldn't talk our way in it was looking like our night was a bust.

One of my friends suggested that we should check out this party up north of the city called "Destiny" seeing as we had to drive up north back home anyway. Destiny was a brand new promoter that we didn't know and this was their first party so we had no idea what to expect.


We got there after 4am and somehow talked our way in (I owe you 20 bucks Ryan lol). Clearly this was the event that had pulled the most numbers as it was rammed. It was in this weird sort of chalet type building with this musty brown carpet on the floors and wooden panelling on the walls. Luckily for us we got there in time to catch our favourite DJ on the planet at that time, Dr No. I remember not being able to find the stage or the DJ booth and it was way to rammed and dark in there to even attempt to locate it at that point in the night for us (if you know what I mean....)

I will always remember the smoke machines filling the room and the green lasers cutting through the smoke creating that classic 90's rave atmosphere while Dr No played the DARKEST 93 Hardcore/Jungle tunes and MCing for himself from some unknown location in that building. Was definitely a surreal raving moment for me, head down in the middle of the dancefloor with only the speaker stack as a reference point for where the music was coming from while the sun started to creep through the windows as Dr No played darkside Jungle from seemingly another planet. Who knew that about 10 years later I would start playing for this same company and that 22 years later (Wow!) we would all still be here doing this.  Crazy!

Huge respect out to Ryan, Jesse, Dan and the whole crew behind Destiny then and now for your unmatched dedication to providing a good time for people and creating a platform for the music and the culture behind it.

Here are two tunes that I remember being played that night, both certified 1993 Jungle classics for those who know. Take your brain to another dimension."

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