August 1, 2015


Wow... 22 years, that's impressive! Destiny Events have been a staple as long as I've been around! So I have to say that having their support has granted me the good fortune of having many positive memories. Here's my top 3.

Destiny Fridays:

28568_402928190821_1294508_nIn my early days of “raving” I remember attending many weekly events, be it Magic Monday's @ Catch 22, Milanos on Sunday or Destiny Fridays.

I remember, back than I was listening to mostly 'punk' and 'industrial'. I was curious about the rave culture and would venture out to the second level of a club on Isabella Street to investigate it. Week after week I'd go to this event called “Destiny Fridays” to watch and eventually study Toronto's finest DJ's and MC's.

It's was such an amazing experience and... I didn't know anyone, so it wasn't a social thing, it was strictly music. To go from that level, to being asked to perform years later is indescribable! Being accepted as a DJ that could keep up with the A-listers, by a company that I hold with such high regard is amazing!

By that point, their weekly was being held in a catacomb like warehouse in the club district that really represented the true spirit of rave to me! That 'underground' feeling that was so real back then. It was amazing and added to the experience! This time I wasn't watching the residents...I was playing alongside them!

World Trance Festival aka WEMF:

189451_10150116572685822_4468407_nWell for those of you who've been around, know what WEMF wasn't called WEMF for the first 2 years. The first installment of this epic series of events was in 1995 and was held in Barrie.

My crew consisting of curious non ravers and I had arrived right after the infamous tornado had touched down and were confused as the entire camp site seemed to be destroyed. Overturned tents and debris was everywhere! It was devastating and the damage was extensive, but it wasn't enough to keep them down, a few hours later the stage was back up and music was pumping again! The vibe was positive the whole time!
The lasting memory from that weekend I'll always have was watching the silhouette of a raver with “phat pants” dancing on top of a U-Haul as the sun came up. Awesome!

Projek Chase and Status:

533555_10151380074150934_178731889_nThis will be a night I'll never forget! Being the first time I was booked to play a solo set for Destiny, I was a little nervous to say the least.

The date was November 30th 2012 and it was held inside the Guvernment's main room! The space was at capacity and the energy was off the charts!

While I waited in the wings watching my heroes Chase & Status play hit after hit to the crowd the anticipation of my time was becoming more real! Unexpectedly, C&S decided to stop earlier than planned and suddenly... it was game time!

As I was about to plug in, I recall getting a word of encouragement from Ryan Kruger which was just enough to put me over the top! The crowd was extremely receptive to what I was playing and it was the most fun I've had in a long time. As 3am drew nigh, I was getting ready to stop, but the soundman, the bouncers and the full room said otherwise! I kept going and played just over 2 hours. What an incredible night!!



Politics aside, we are performers, and our job is to make people dance and have amazing memories they'll keep forever. Destiny has always been a company that understood that fundamental element. Their shows are driven by a love for the music and nothing more! It's that organic love that shines through and has allowed them to be around consistently for more than 2 decades!

So to Ryan and Jesse, thanks for everything you've done! Your hard work and perseverance has been inspiring to me as a performer and a promoter!

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