June 25, 2014

After a year of patiently waiting Digital Dreams is finally here. This weekend marks the kick off to the Third Annual Digital Dream Music Festival, meaning come Saturday afternoon, revelers will be flocking to the MCA Flats to enjoy beats, bass, booze and babes. While in theory this all seems like the best combination of things since, like, ever, not everyone knows how to go about enjoying these things responsibly.

We are not here to preach to you like your mother (I think everyone is aware that we here at Destiny are far from being saints ourselves) but I am going to take advantage of this cyber platform and lend some helpful pointers to help make this your best weekend possible.  Everything from ensuring you drink enough water  (you're going to be raving in 30+ weather mmmk?) to how to use your futuristic wristbands. So sit back, put on some tunes, and take a few minutes to read up on the tips that will make this weekend everything you hoped for.

Stay Hydrated

Do I really even need to mention this? The thirst is real folks. You are going to be dancing..  in the sun.. with very little shade..  for a very long time with a brain full of whatever and a liver full of booze, you owe it to yourself to keep your water game strong. Do both yourself and your wallet a favour and bring ONE SEALED water bottle with you which you can refill at one of the free refill stations. You are more than welcome to bring in any of the following: empty canteens, empty camelbacks or empty water bottles as long as they are not glass.

My Tip:  Head to Rexall. They sell these giant 1.5L water bottles for around $2. Grab it and bring it in. Next, enjoy the delisciousness that is the packaged Rexall water and when its all gone, head to one of the refill stations to top it up then repeat as much as your thirsty little soul desires. Yes these obnoxiously sized water bottles are not the most convenient thing to carry around but trust me. You will a) make so many new friends from people asking for sips in the middle of the crowd b) thank me when you are walking past the refill station line and see how long it is c) use that extra bit of water in your oversized bottle to pour on yourself, your bros or your babes when you're sweating worse than Rob Ford when he's going through withdrawals.

Feed your stomach - then your liver

Sometimes when you are dancing and having a blast with friends the last thing on your mind is to eat. I think everyone has been on a bender or two when they finally realize that they haven't consumed anything not in liquid form in over 24hrs. Don't make this mistake. This year you are allowed to bring in your own food as long as its factory sealed. Bags of chips, trail mix, pre-packaged sandwiches/wraps (7/11 steeze) and stuff like that is totally acceptable. The PB&J your mom made you? No. I definitely recommend bringing in at least a few snacks. Protein Bars are amazing for events such as this and are small enough that they can fit in your neon coloured fanny pack. I am not suggesting you pack an entire picnic to bring in because really, who wants to boogie with a bag full of food, so budget enough that you can scan your band for some of the amazing hot food that will be available on the grounds and pack a few factory sealed snacks for when you need to get your munch on.


So I guess when planning Digital Dreams this year Kruger embraced the inner-Marty McFly and planned some forward thinking back to the future kind of shit to make paying and raving that much easier. The Intellitix Cashless Wristband is an awesome feature that we can expect to see become standard at the majority of festivals. However, fully understanding how they work is another thing. So here is the run down:

1. Get your wristband. Tickets purchased online (prior to June 15) will have had them shipped to you. If you bought your tickets after, take ticket/e-ticket to the box office at MCA Flats starting June 26th from 12Pm-8Pm and exchange it for your wristband.

2. Do us all a favour and wait to put it on. So many people have messaged saying that they put it on too tight, or they put it on and it was damaged. If you can, wait to get to the festival grounds and have a friend or worker put it on for you leaving about one finger's width of space between the band and your wrist.

3. Register your wristband: Stop what your doing right now, including reading this, and click HERE to register your wristband. Do this as soon as you get your band and then you can add funds to your account. Don't wait to get there and have to stand around glued to your smartphone trying to register - you're there to party.

** Top-up stations will be available throughout the festival grounds so you can spend as much of the cash  your heart desires (the money on your wristband is being called "dream dollars" but in reality its just regular boring dollars..  don't ask.) When adding funds you have the choice of using the smartphone app or even top it up with cash, debit or credit at one of the multiple kiosks **

4. These bands are pretty indestructible. So whether they get covered in your rave gravy or your bro spills his Budlight on it, the band will still scan. But don't take this for granted (even superman had kryptonite) so guard it and treat it like you would your wallet.

5. Remember: Not only is this your wallet - it is your ticket. Don't lose it. Don't wreck it. Just don't be stupid. Okay? *see below for more stupid details*

Save Time and Don't Be Stupid

It is expected that there will be some questions from many of you, such as what you can and cannot bring into Digital Dreams. One thing you shouldn't forget at home - common sense. Save everyone the time and energy when going through security at the gates and just use your head. No, you cannot bring in any weapons. No, you cannot take your wristband off and give it to someone else and no you cannot bring your own booze (*tear WEMF memories*). The beauty of festivals such as this becoming successful is completely dependent on the crowd in attendance. Respect the grounds you are partying on. Use the trash cans. Dont start fights.  This shit is basic guys, so save us all the headache and party smart. Below is a list of what you can and cannot bring into Digital Dreams with you.

What You Can Bring In:

  • Point and Shoot Cameras
  • Empty Water Bottles and Water Containers, Including empty Camelbaks
  • Sealed Water Bottles up to 2 liters MAX
  • Small Collapsible Umbrella
  • Small Towels
  • Small Backpack or Bags
  • Personal Amount of Food in a Factory Sealed Package
  • Flags of Any Size (provided they are not fixed to a pole of any kind)
  • Good Vibes


What You Cannot Bring In:

  • Outside Alcohol
  • Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
  • Lawn Chairs
  • Weapons of any Kind
  • Glass Bottles or Cans
  • Hard Shell Coolers
  • Megaphones or Air horns
  • Laser Pointers
  • Footballs, Soccer Balls, etc.
  • Animals (Service Animals an Exception)
  • Large Backpacks
  • Large Wallet Chains or Spikes
  • Tents
  • Flag Poles
  • Aerosol Cans of any Kind
  • Professional Cameras (anything with a detachable lens)
  • Professional Audio/Video Recording Devices
  • Any Object that can be use as a Projectile or Weapon
  • Drones
  • A Bad Attitude


Now that the basics are outlined for you all. Rest up. Gear up. And we will see you all on Saturday June 28th!

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