DREAMS STAGE PRESENTS: Justice & Paul Oakenfold

June 18, 2014

As we head into the final stretch before what is easily the best weekend of the summer (yea, its only June but nothing is going to top this) the Destiny Family thought it would be a good idea to take a journey through each stage of the festival to get you acquainted with some of the artists who will be behind the decks on each stage. Over the next week we will be highlighting  one of the stages every few days giving you a brief bio and some of their tunes, just incase you all weren't already excited as hell.





See you all next weekend! x


Justice, two of the greatest French exports since Merlot and the ménage à trios, is easily regarded as one of the greatest electronic duos of all time. Comparable to their good friends, the legendary Daft Punk, the two have mastered the art of seamlessly blending rock and indie influences with electronic dance music. Forming in 2003 the band took their time in releasing their debut album, † (alternatively called 'Cross'), in 2007. The wait was completely worth it for the recognition the pair gained was unprecedented. Nominated for the 2007 Grammy's for 'Best Dance/Electronic Album' as well winning  MTV Video Award 'Video of the Year' for D.A.N.C.E.  the the same year, the pair rose effortlessly to success. The duo also had their chance at another Grammy in 2009 for their remix of MGMT's 'Electric Feel.' The remix pressure has always been one of their strongest areas with reworks of Fatboy Slim, N.E.R.D, Britney Spears as well as their french peers Daft Punk. The year 2011 brought the second studio album from Justice titled 'Audio, Video, Disco' followed by a Live album titled 'Access All Arenas.'

Make sure to catch JUSTICE close down the DREAMS STAGE on the first night of Digital Dreams.


This man needs no introduction. Alas, some individuals (generally the younger revellers) are not aware of why this man is regarded as a legend. Paul Oakenfold has been a part of the electronic music community since its early years and has helped shape the landscape for many others DJs and producers to develop life changing careers.  At the golden age of 50, Oakenfold has seen it all throughout the years, watching the music industry rise and fall from every corner of the scene possible. In his early years he relied on fake press passes to gain access to nightclubs and concerts where he interviewed the likes of Bobby Womack and Bob Marley. By the mid-eighties Oakenfold began working for Champion Records, where he preceded to sign legendary acts such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and Salt n' Peppa followed by a short career working as the agent for The Beastie Boys and Run DMC. While his professional career was heavily based within the R&B and Funk genres, by the early 90's the sounds of Acid House had nested in his years and electronic music became his focus. Following taking home the 91' Brit Award for 'Best Producer' the accolades started to roll in, releasing two Essential Mixes in '94 and in '95 became the first DJ to headline Glastonbury Festival.  Oakenfold was also the one who started the highly regarded radio station 'Ministry of Sound' birthed from the infamous London nightclub. Throughout his career Oakenfold has not only been a producer and DJ, but has also worked as a composer for movie scores and soundtracks for television (Bourne Identity, Californication.. need I say more?). It has been years of relentless studio time and touring the world and on Sunday June 28th you can catch this legend in real time when he touches down on the Dreams Stage as part of his 'Trance Mission' tour.

Check out the latest episode of Planet Perfecto - his weekly 2 Hour radio show - for the latest in everything from progressive house to techno, electro to trance!

If for some reason you are yet to grab your tickets, HEAD HERE and grab your fancy wristbands which are allowing for you to rave cashless for the entire weekend.

More details can be found on the Digital Dreams Facebook Page


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