Drive Thru Fun Co. Presents:

Snow Mag

Friday, November 12th, 2021

Event Information


A drive thru art exhibit and wonderland that only dreams are made of. Let epic creatures, caverns, sights & lights surround you.


Aurora Borealis- Snow Magic
Phantasmagoria - Brian T. Moore
Heavy Meta- Metaverse Arts
Icicle Cave- Calabra
Tarna the Jackalope- Tarna Industries
Sirius- Nathan Whitford

and so much more. visit the site for more information

Hosted By:

Drive Thru Fun Co.

Doors Open: 06:00 PM

all ages

Advance Tickets: Off-Peak Times = $45 plus tax and fees for the carload. On-Peak Times = $65 plus tax and fees for the carload.

Event Location

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