October 22, 2012

The sound of Dubstep is constantly evolving, with many producers transforming their original dub sound to more 'drumstep' or even house-like beats. Martin Knowles, better known as the dubstep don EMALKAY, says 'that he doesn't even know what dubstep is anymore but thats a good thing'. The genre is ever evolving and his releases prove just that.

Emalkay first started releasing back in 2005 on 'Morphic Sounds' and imprint he started to help promote the tunes that no one was really making at the time in his hometown of Brimingham. He started making beats on a borrowed synth and an oldschool Playstation game about ten years ago, with no previous musical training.

His earlier style being coined as 'grimey-garage' brought releases on Boka Records before signing Capsa's label Dub Police (which just celebrated their 4th Birthday this month). Upon signing on the legendary dubstep imprint, Emalkay released the melodic yet heavy 'When I look at You' which catapulted him to the forefront of the dubstep scene. Simply put: this tune made his career. This track is still on every dubstep DJs set list and will remain there.

After that release he didn't stop. He found a home with Dub Police and after releasing a few more singles such as 'Explicit' and 'Heroics' he was set for the release of his debut album 'Eclipse' which dropped in 2011. This album illustrates his growth from his earlier garage and grime sounds, to tracks that are more artistically crafted while remaining dance floor worthy at an average BPM of 140. He still remains close to his roots in the experimental, darker, and heavier side of  dubstep - but has been collaborating with vocalists which creates tracks with layers of filth piled on emotion. The track 'The World' featuring the vocals of Lena Cullen is absolutely amazing and became an instant favourite of mine.

While 'Eclipse' was released with great success, he has also been carefully selecting remix projects to help bring his sound to wider audiences. The remix of Pendulum's 'Watercolour' was well recieved and by opening himself up to the Drum and Bass crowd, he has mentioned in a recent interview that its a genre he is considering doing some more work in.

He just slayed the summer festival season, and is a regular at the epic UKF nights as well as Dub Police's talent filled nights at Fabric in London - we should feel honoured to have this man dropping the bass for us this weekend at Freakout. Make sure to checkout Emalkay's album 'Eclipse' and...
if you check out his website he is giving away his latest single 'Bring it Down' for FREE.  (follow link for download)

Get to know this hero of dubstep and be sure to catch his set this Saturday at HALLOWEEN FREAKOUT at the Sound Academy.


$55.00 (plus f.f. & s.c.) | Doors @ 10pm | 19+
Tickets on sale at,
and.. Rotate This, Soundscapes & Play De Record

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