October 16, 2012

Fall sucks for multiple reasons, the most obvious being its freezing out but buts worse is that festival season is over. The only good thing about this time of year is when the collection of live sets in my iTunes grows, thanks to all the DJs who posted their sets from festival shows over the summer. My playlist has grown a lot this year with the likes of Andy C’s ‘Hackney Weekend’ set to Netsky Live at Electric Zoo. But one set stands out the most, with the number of plays in my iTunes being high in the double digits.... and thats Loadstar’s BBC Essential Mix recorded from their set at Creamfields. They perfectly mix the sounds of all the heavy weights in the scene - from Sub Focus and Wilkinson to Pendulum and Spor. The high energy track selection combined with some mad MC skills brought by MC Hypeman-Sage makes for a sick set, and we can expect nothing less when Loadstar rolls into Sound Academy for Freakout on October 27th. 

Loadstar's BBC Essential Mix Live at Creamfields

Download the Set for Free Here: http://soundcloud.com/loadstar/loadstar-live-at-creamfields 

These guys are machines - even after this summers WEMF people were still talking about Loadstar’s set at WEMF 2011 as being one of the best to ever touch down in South Algonquin. Loadstar, a drum and bass duo consisting of Lomax (Nick Hill) and Xample (Gavin Harris) have been destroying the scene since they joined forces under the name ‘Loadstar’ back in 2009 and even killed it before in their individual solo projects. Both strong producers individually, its obvious that the two working together would only double the releases, double the talent, and double the sound.... and thats exactly what has happened. They’ve been releasing single after single, with Passenger/Bomber coming out back in May quickly followed with Terror Drone/Second Skin which they released as free downloads.

Free Downloads of Terror Drone/Second Skin

Terror Drone Free Download: http://soundcloud.com/loadstar/loadstar-terror-drone

Second Skin Free Download: http://soundcloud.com/loadstar/loadstar-second-skin 

The singles released this year are wickedly diverse in their sound and we have been told to expect nothing less in diversity when their album (one of the most anticipated Ram Records albums to date) is released in the new year. With this album we can expect a blending of their mastered skills of drum and bass into other genres of electronic music, and this diversified and loadstar-crafted sound is coming through on their most recent releases.

They've released a preview of their newest single ‘Black and White’ on the UKF page, a track which shows their ability to blend the barriers of electronic music between emotional-rolling sounds and dance floor killers.

Nick and Gav not just been busy touring and producing their own tracks in recent months but the duo are also remixing anything thrown their way. They just chopped Excision’s ‘Sleepless’ into a drumstep masterpiece and their remix of ‘Blind Faith’ by Chase & Status definitely helped with their easy move to the top of the scene. They've also remixed the likes of Noisia, Breakage and Wolfgang Gartner with great success.

Get to know these guys, grab the free downloads they put out for us, and listen to their Creamfields BBC Essential Mix and I can promise that you will be counting the days until you get to experience it all first hand at Freakout on October 27th. 



$55.00 (plus f.f. & s.c.) | Doors @ 10pm | 19+
Tickets on sale at http://www.ticketweb.ca/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3070024&pl=embrace,
and.. Rotate This, Soundscapes & Play De Record

Soundcloud Page: http://soundcloud.com/loadstar
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Loadstarmusic
Follow Loadstar on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Loadstarmusic


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