June 20, 2014

As the countdown continues to two glorious days under the sun when Toronto is taken over by the best electronic artists in the scene, we continue to highlight all the stages at Canada's biggest electronic festival. Here at Destiny, we are more than proud to be apart of the *cough* best stage, the 'HOUSE OF BOOM'! Where all things beautifully, dark and bass-heavy will be experienced by a plethora of 'PLUR-ers' and baseheads uniting to create a symphonic sound under the sun. The 'House of Boom' this year is expanded to hold more revellers and create more space for utter pandemonium! So get ready Toronto! 8 More Days!


He's precise. He's heavy. He's Digital. Jeff Abel better known as Excision, has graced us with his powerful presence twice at Digital Dreams and he's about to make third! His fusion tracks that include everything from drum and bass to glitch hop make him one of the most versatile, exciting DJs to watch. With two successful record labels, Rottun (started with Downlink) and Destroid which is both a group consisting of KJ Sawka and Downlink as well his label. Outside of his own DJ persona the group Destroid has exploded onto the scene with their unique live-shows, fist-raising debut album entitled, 'The Invasion' and fan-focused interaction online. In just over a year they've managed to score almost 4,000 fans who are referred to as the 'elevated' that promote the music of the group. The Kelowna, B.C. native who's played Shambhala for 6 years in a row and has inspired such amazing talent as Datsik and continues to push the boundaries and create exciting music. With over 30 releases including double A-sides, 4 LPs and six years of mixes for the Shambhala music festival there is no denying the magnitude of Excision. His current Executioner Tour introduced arguably one of the best production set-ups that have ever been constructed not to mention the 150,000 watt system that goes along with it. His latest offering with 'Destroid - The Invasion (Remixes) released at the end of May has exploded on SoundCloud. with over 47,000 followers and 326,000 plays on the track below there is no stopping Excision and the rise of Destroid. Get ready to put those X's up because his set is sure to be triple X-Rated!

Andy C

This man doesn't need an introduction. With nicknames like 'The Executioner' and the 'Armin Van Buuren of Drum and Bass' there's no doubting what this man means to the world of electronic music. With a career spanning over 20 years Andrew Clarke has achieved the unimaginable. The technical mastermind started RAM Records alongside his friend Ant Miles at the age of 15 with 1000 euros and a whole lot of faith, but he didn't need to rest his laurels and 'what-ifs'. Working steadily, he has continued to uphold his a prodigy-like status in the world of drum and bass with the release of the now classic, 'Valley of the Shadows (31 Seconds) in '93 which is now toted as the 'darkcore' prototype. Other than managing his label and creating cutting-edge music, he had his own show on a pirate radio, and gained residencies at big raves like 'Dreamscape' and 'Innovation & Telepathy'. 20 years later, Andy runs one of the most successful record labels in the world home to a large cast of drum and bass elites. His prolific Nightlife Compilation albums (now in the sixth session) are highly revered and DJs continue to construct sets using them as references. Outside of his achievements within the label his personal awards are incredible. He's been recognized by over 17 media outlets and received over 34 awards. Some of those include, holding the top spot as the only drum and bass DJ to be the highest ranked on the 'Top 100 DJ's list' as well as winning at the Drum and Bass Arena awards for 'Best DJ'', 'Best Label' multiple years in a row. On June 29th the mecca of drum and bass will land at your feet. Do not miss out on this one, it's going to be unforgettable!

If for some reason you are yet to grab your tickets, HEAD HERE and grab your fancy wristbands which are allowing for you to rave cashless for the entire weekend.

More details can be found on the Digital Dreams Facebook Page

Words By: Saha P.


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