June 25, 2014

It's hard to believe the wait is almost over! The No.19 Social Experiment stage is new to the Digital Dreams festival and will host only seven unique, genre-bending artists including, Green Velvet, Guy Gerber and Art Department. As the countdown continues, take the time to get acquainted with one of house music's pioneers. The lovely, talented, Green Velvet.

Green Velvet:

Who needs black velvet when you can have green? Curtis Jones otherwise known as Green Velvet has constructed a career based on persistence and passion. Leaving his academic life behind while studying chemical engineering at the Univeristy of Illinois, proved to be a ticket to a career of satisfying success.Already musically inclined, by playing the saxophone and having a father that was a  part-time DJ, it was no mistake he would fall into the world of electronic music. Now revered as being a pioneer of the Chicago House scene he's got quite the impressive list of achievements. Earlier in this career, he first released music under the moniker of 'Cajmere' the 'CAJ' standing for the initials of his name. Experimenting with the  growing Chicago House sound and finding his place within the genre, he started his own self-entitled label, 'Cajmere', and released the classic track, 'Coffee Pot' (It's Time For the Percolator). Follow-up tracks include the immensely popular, 'La La Land', 'Gendefekt'  and 'When' with subject matter ranging from drugs to racial unrest. As house continued to diversify and sub-genres gained steam in the dance music circuit, he started his second label, Relief. Under this label, he took on the persona of 'Green Velvet' and earned a slew of No.1 hits in the U.S. and abroad. More recently, he released his smash-hit, 'Bigger Than Prince.'  which ignited dance floors around the world and was featured on various compilations LPs this year including, 'A Tribute to Chicago, Vol. 4' and 'Cajual vs. Relief Compilation'.

What is so alluring about Mr. Jones is his capacity to keep pushing himself. Constantly creating music under a variety of aliases and record labels is something that he is used to. For over twenty years he's been multiple different artists, such as Cajmere, Half Pint, Curran Stone, Geo Vogt and more. Most artists feel they have achieved a certain level of transcendency by taking on difficult projects, expanding their references or collaborating with artists in different genres. Green Velvet on the other hand, has done all of this as a host of different people. Taking his time between projects, finding his niche, and creating the ultimate experience for new fans and old is why he is such a massive force within our culture. Recently, His unique style and diverse sets make him one act you do not want to miss at Digital Dreams this year! It's always time for the percolator. Get your tickets and come jam with us in a few short days!

Here's a little taste of Green Velvet just tearing it up on his weekly 'Electric Playground' podcast. See you all at the No.19 Social ExperimentStage! Enjoy!


Words By: Saha P

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