November 28, 2014

Our Andy C Playlist

From 93' to 14' we are going through some of our favourite tracks he's made as well as what you'll definitely be hearing on Friday night. From Nightlife compilations to an array of mixes we've compiled a wish list! So go ahead and listen to our playlist and get ready for an incredible night inside the Main Room with The Executioner himself, Mr. Andy C!

Culture Shock - 'Troglodyte' - The deep brooding darkness of this song paired with a catchy rhythm always produces a seemingly synchronized crowd. The VIP is set to be released December 14th on RAM records after 2 years of waiting. Andy definitely has it so it's just a matterof whether or not he'll let us hear it! Trust me, we're dying for it.

Seba - 'Under The Sun' - The haunting ethereal vibe Seba managed to create on this track made it an instant favourite when released on his album, 'Sine Language'. It made it's way onto Nightlife 6 and it will likely seduce the crowd on Friday.

Mind Vortex - 'Overture' - This is the latest off Mind Vortex's EP titled, 'Colours'. It's been featured in many sets throughout the summer and it's likely Andy will give a nod to his label mates with this massive tune.

Hive - 'Neo' (Audio Remix) - This was featured on both Nightlife 4 and 6. Clearly he's a big fan and you should be too!

Shimon & Andy C - 'Body Rock' - This is a popular collaboration from Shimon & Andy back in 2001. It got mixed reviews at the time of release but had major commercial success.

Origin Unknown - 'Valley of Shadows' - For those of you that don't know, Andy C also released music under the alias of Origin Unknown with his friend and fellow producer Ant Miles. This was one of his earlier tracks released back in 1993. The vibe on this track is undeniably timeless and it is regarded as one of the best drum and bass songs ever made. Because it's his last time at The Guvernment, don't be surprised to hear it!

Loadstar - 'Link to the Past' - This was featured on Andy's 'Nightlife 5' and is recognized widely as Loadstar's breakout track. This is definitely on my personal wish-list.

Culture Shock - 'Ohrwurm' - This still has mass appeal in the latest drum and bass sets around the world. Andy recently featured it on his November Beatport chart so take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with it if you haven't already!

Sub Focus - 'Rock It' & Rock It (VIP) - This jazzy guitar-riff ladened track has won over the hearts of dnb heads for years. Look out for it and look forward to it. The original and VIP make a lovely pair!

Sub Focus - 'Timewarp' - This song has the ability to create sheer pandemonium in a club. Andy did a double drop of this earlier in the summer. It's likely he'll send us into a timewarp (pun intended) with this smashing throwback.

Andy C & Fiora - 'Heartbeat Loud (VIP) & 'Heartbeat Loud' - This was officially released two weeks ago and has quickly risen on all the charts. Both of these tunes are comfortably holding onto the #1 and the #3 spot respectively on the Drum and Bass chart on Beatport. The original has also been nominated for Zane Lowe's coveted 'Hottest Record of the Year 2014'! You can bet your bottom dollar you will hear this on Friday.

Loadstar - 'Warrior' - Featured on Andy's Nightlife 6, this heavy tune finds it's way into Andy's sets at precisely the best time. This track has essentially become an anthem with everyone trying to sing the words while rinsing at maximum power (or at least I do). You better know the words or you'll find yourself lost on the dance floor in Kool Haus on Friday. Learn them here:

TC - 'Tap Ho' - This song has been remixed by the who's who in the world of bass music. From Bassnectar and Taxman to the dnb and dubstep VIP's of this, Andy will have the crowd's undivided attention for this. If you want the original click here:

Feeling wobbly? Check out TC's dubstep VIP:

Ed Rush & Optical - 'Pac-man' (Ram Trilogy Remix) - The pacman death sample along with this funky bassline make it an instant gem. If you love drum and bass and pacman, you'll love this. We probably won't hear it, but we can wish!

Andy C - 'Haunting' - This track has been heavily used as Andy's opening track over the past year and for good reason. The ominous build up into a hard bassline never disappoints. Haven't felt the haunt yet?

DC Breaks - 'Swag' - Along with 'Take You Higher', 'Swag' may have been one of the most played drum and bass songs all summer. This 'bassface-maker' lands it a spot on the most-likely & the wish list!

Wilkinson - 'Take You Higher', 'Afterglow' & 'Dirty Love'- Having a monster year, it's no doubt we will hear a few Wilkinson tracks tomorrow. Listen to all of them respectively below:

This is the last time Andy C is playing in the iconic Guverment Complex! Join us in the Main Room on Friday, November 28th and watch history unfold as Andy closes it out with a bang. Get your last minute tickets before they completely sell out!

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