March 16, 2014

One of our favourite labels are at it again. While everyone that is anyone in the music industry prepares to make the mission to Miami in the coming days to attend Winter Music Conference and the countless pool and club parties that make up Miami Music Week, we here in Toronto are going to freeze our asses off and count the days til Bassweek. While we patiently wait until the Bassweek kick-off on Friday March 22nd, one thing we can do while trying to stay warm (or cool depending on the mood mother nature is in because lately that bitch is acting crazy) is check out the newest compilation from the Ram Records Camp. RAMiami 2014 is the second of this particular compilation, that is made with Miami Music Week in mind.  Ram Records and their stacked family of talent have been making the trek across the pond and down south since day one of WMC and have easily become the drum and bass acts to catch while in the Sunshine State. Hosting their own club night at 'Therapy' in Miami in the past, this year they will be invading the premier bass party of Miami Music Week: SMOG VS FIREPOWER at Mekka. For anyone who makes it to Miami and has a persuasion to the sounds of Drum and Bass, this party is unlike any other.

So what about us mere mortals, who are stuck trekking through snow rather than sand but still want to catch some pre-Bassweek Ram Records vibes? We get RAMiami 2014 when it is released on March 21st, crank up the volume, turn up the heat, throw on a speedo and pretend we are there. Then, we wait until we get to experience the it all ourselves at Sound Academy on March 29th when Andy C, Wilkinson, Loadstar and our hometown hero, Rene Lavice bring the heat for Projek: Ram Records as part of our 4th Annual Bassweek.

RAMiami 2014 is ram-packed (get it?) with classics, VIPs, and exclusives. Salaryman makes a debut with his jazzy and bouncy track 'My Future' and Mob Tactics takes us to the dark side with the venomous track 'Joe Mangle.' No Ram compilation would be complete without all the classics, so within the 16 tracks given you can find Loadstar's 'BLVD' and Culture Shock's 'Ohrwurm' as well as other classics from Roni Size, Sub Focus, Moving Fusion, Noisia, Wilkinson and more. The track list below speaks for itself...

1: Andy C - Workout 
2: Sub Focus – Flamenco 
3: Wilkinson – Every Time 
4: Rene LaVice – The Way You Love Me
5: Dynamite MC & Origin Unknown – Hotness (Roni Size Remix) 
6: Delta Heavy – Take The Stairs 
7: Loadstar BLVD 
8: Culture Shock – Ohrwurm 
9: DC Breaks – Pickett Line VIP 
10: Salaryman – My Future 
11: Calyx & TeeBee – We Become One (Ft Foreign Beggars & Craze) 
12: Hamilton – Echoes 
13: Mob Tactics – Joe Mangle 
14: Noisia – Façade VIP 
15: Loadstar – Need You (Frankee Remix) 
16: Moving Fusion – Chilli Pepper 
17: Bluescreens – Strike One (Part 2)

You can order the compilation here

We will see you all at Projek: RAM Records on March 29th at Sound Academy in Toronto as the final event of the 4th Anniversary of Bassweek! 

Event Info:
Projek Ram Records feat. Andy C, Wilkinson, Loadstar, Rene Lavice
March 29th
Sound Academy
$40 advanced, Free with Wristband

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