Skream and Benga sit in for Annie Nightingale with more beats, bass and banter!

September 12, 2011

Skream likes walks on the beach, his bass heavy, and his beats slinky...

Dubstep destroyers Skream and Benga sat in for Annie Nightingales "In new DJs we trust"  this past thursday on BBC Radio 1 for one hour and if that weren't good enough, then again friday for a two hour show.  If that wasn't good enough they are set to sit in for her next friday September 16th for another two hour show.

A little birdie (@I_Skream) told me that they will be taking over her show for the entire month of September . I can, without a doubt, say this September definitely just got sexier.  With hints that this may become a permanent fixture on BBC Radio 1 it gives us all a glimmer of hope for the future.  Thursdays show featured the world premiere of Ruskos new track "Somebody to love"  and Plasticians remix of Will.Iam.

If you missed these two shows don't fret you can check them out here :

2011-09-08 Show:  Listen now

2011-09-09 Show:  Listen now


I think the question weighing heavily on all our minds is, is it to early to start the countdown until we can feel this sub bass swagga?

I think not!!!

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