NAME: BOBBY THRUST (aka: Brian B.)

Favourite Destiny Event: WEMF 1999 at Sauble beach was the first very large event I had been to. Being from Saskatoon, I had been to several amazing parties in the Prairies (really, it is true. It was a fantastic time to be alive and going to parties out West), but none the scope of a World Electronic Music Festival. At the time, I was doing a radio show at the community station (CFCR) and had also written a couple blurbs in the radio station’s monthly publication. I wondered if I could use that to my advantage and made a media request for WEMF and sure enough I was given full media credentials and the correct wristband to allow me access just about anywhere, including on stage.

Wanting to see the likes of Chris Liberator, Mark EG, Deko-ze , Commander Tom and other of the more aggressive artists, I spent a lot of time over at main stage. I was milling about with Patrick DSP, who became my friend that very weekend.


I recall an embarrassing moment where I saw Jon The Dentist. He was coming to Saskatoon soon or had just come and I was aware that he was getting married around that time according to the promoter of the local show. I thought I would show him that I knew people he knew by offering him congrats hoping to break the ice. It was the look in his face that showed me that the wedding was off. So I got my coat and walked down the plank from the main stage and decided to go back to my friends.

Around this time while visiting with Patrick DSP, a plucky kid came up to me and asked me if the person I was visiting with was Jon the Dentist - but he was pointing to Patrick DSP and not the angry fella on stage. I walked over to Patrick and whispered in his ear “you are Jon The Dentist, go with it” and introduced the kid. Needless to say, the kid was over the moon to meet his idol. Patrick, being the world-class performer that he is (even though Toronto never gave him his due) took this kid under his wing for what seemed like hours. My mind is foggy on the actual duration but I know that I saw them several more times over the next little bit and I have no idea what muck Patrick was saying but it all came to a crashing end when this kid, thinking he was being polite, offered Patrick the Dentist DSP some meth to which Patrick replied “Fuck Off” and walked away. The kid disappeared into the festival, never to be seen again but you could hear the sound of his heart breaking over the sound system.


Many of my Destiny highlights do revolve around WEMF as it was the one weekend that really brought together so many people that I enjoyed hearing or being around. It also was a good source of income as we sold plenty of tickets at 2 The Beat as we were one of the more ravier stores out there so we were a good partner on that end of things. I won’t lie that I was pretty happy the day Jesse told me we were outselling Numb (only in ticket sales, not in funfur clothing).

Happy 22nd, Destiny. I would be there to celebrate with you if were not going to Boomtown Fair in England to see such past Destiny performers as Chris, Aaron and Julian Liberator; The Geezer, DDR, Punk Floyd, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Rowland the Bastard, Mark EG and more. I would never have made those friendships were it not for Destiny introducing those folks to Canada. Thank you!


** Join us on August 14th, 2015 to celebrate 22 continuous years of Destiny events! CLICK HERE for more info **

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