Stanton Warriors are breakbeat duo Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley, originally from the west country of England, they now are based out of West London, where they run their successful record label Punks. These true Pioneers of sound decided to break all the rules back in 97' by taking garage and breaks mashing, twisting, and warping beyond recognition creating mind blowing basslines and the funkiest feet freaking beats known to man. They have done high profile remixes for top celebrities such as Fat Boy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Gorrilaz, MIA, Black Eyed Peas and Busta Rhymes amongst other heavyweights  Deekline & Ed Solo,Basement Jaxx, Plump DJ's, Digitalism , and the late DJ Mehdi. In 2001, Stanton Warriors laid down a fresh new sound with the seminal ‘Stanton Sessions’ that was instantly signed to XL Recordings. (more…)

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