Word came today that the scene in Toronto (and the city overall) lost one of its true legends.  Dr. Trance (aka: Don Berns) passed away on March 1st, 2015.  The man credited with helping bring underground music to the surface through the power of radio, and a man who appreciated showmanship and atmosphere and felt like raves deserved to be in every major venue in the city and that every major venue in the city deserved a rave through legendary companies like Nitrous, Atlantis, and Effective.

Here's what Destiny's Ryan Kruger had to say:

Extremely sad to hear about the passing of my very dear friend Don Berns.

I met Don in the early 90's when I pitched him on playing our upcoming Mayhem event in a dark corner of Factory Nightclub. I looked up to him then, as I did throughout my career, as a leader and visionary within the Toronto entertainment world. His early Nitrous raves were my introduction to the scene and everything I did from that point forward can be traced back to those early days.

Through the 90's, Don and I became good friends, helping each other's career through our various endevours and eventually becoming business partners on a number of co-produced events as well as hosting a monthly club night at Industry called Ascension. When Industry closed its doors we moved on to party cruises on Lake Ontario which we ran in summers through the 2000's. Don continued to play all my events, including every WEMF ever held, until his retirement of the Dr.Trance brand and his move into acting.

I never lost touch with Don and continued to speak with him on a regular basis until his untimely passing. The electronic music scene has lost a true legend and mentor today.

RIP Dr. Trance.  You will be missed.

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