Top 5 reasons why you need this year's Freakout
by Michael James Peros

5. The Venue: Maison Mercer

Maison has been an upscale nightclub for some time now so seeing D&B headliners inside may be a bit of a surprise for some people. The difference is that Maison may attract people which may have never been to a D&B event. It opens the playing field and gives everyone access. Don't get it twisted though, the layout of Maison is proper, the sound system is crisp and the visuals are on point.

4. The Local Artists: Marcus Visionary, Lush, Hydee, Mr. Brown, Caddy Cad & MC JD.

None of these artists should be considered any less of talents than the headliners. It just so happens that they live in the GTA!

3. The Tradition of Freakout

DESTINY666_2004Ever since 2004 Destiny has been hosting the Halloween tradition of Freakout. Starting in 2004 as 'Destiny666', to 'Return To The gRAVE' in 2005, and finally taking on the 'Freakout' name in 2006.  In the eyes of many, Freakout is considered THE D&B party of the year with various artists but more importantly different styles of D&B.

2. Black Sun Empire, Noisia, Delta Heavy

Black Sun Empire

Delta Heavy


1. Every Rendition of Harley Quinn Imaginable

QUINNWith the success of Suicide Squad in theaters we are sure to see every rendition of Harley Quinn imaginable. What adds to the authenticity of this costume is Harley Quinn’s smeared makeup and distressed hair: something that normally happens during a Destiny rave anyways except now you don’t need to worry about getting looks on the street. Last year's costume probably required fishnets - that you probably ripped. This is the only time you can re-used ripped fishnets and get away with it. Besides, being "Daddy's Little Monster" at a rave is actually pretty normal behaviour.


Halloween is not a gift-giving holiday, unless you consider gifting yourself with a ticket to this party. Red and blue hair dye is only socially appropriate on this holiday. You can't expect to be positively received by your grandmother at Christmas dinner for your Kool-Aid coloured hair.

See you at Freakout!  Get your tickets HERE before they sell out!

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