Do you remember the first time you encountered Roni Size?

I do;  let’s rewind to back in the day, when 56.6k was standard, Napster was in full bloom, music lovers worldwide were united, downloading at rapid speed, hogging up telephone lines. Everyone downloads at night; what if someone picks up the phone and interrupts your download?!?! . Successful though, over 30 tracks downloaded! Yaaah, Dawn breaks, it's the perfect time for a snack attack. Upon return,  MY place is taken at the [shared] computer, before I can complete my crazy ninja hand chop to disembark, the gollum-like creature* slithers away and there it is, freshly downloaded:

"Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag."

The moment of anticipation.

Press play.

Speechless and Dazed.

The bass strings tugged at my soul, smothered with honey smooth vocals, crisp drumbeats. I was mesmerized and ecstatic to know this was just the beginning of Roni Size.

Luckily, this isn’t the last we would hear of Roni Size, check out his discography in particular, my favourite, “Breakbeat Era”.

Toronto, do you realize how significant, “The Return Of Roni Size” is? Check out the official music video, that’s right, Roni Size is our homeboy! Brown Paper Bag was indeed filmed in Toronto - evidence of street cars and the  Financial District can be seen.

It’s been over five years since we’ve had Roni Size in the City of Toronto, that’s because of his insane schedule. This time Destiny Productions has secured the perfect venue [Guverment 132 Queens Quay East] to amplify Roni Size legendary sweet music.

Dust off your raving shoes, don your caps on - come out and revive the old school in your bones.
This is one night, not to be missed.


*The gollum-like creature is my older sibling, who thankfully showed me the light

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