As true fans of Drum and Bass know, the infamous label 'Hospital Records' is known for its liquid, loungecore, melodic, synthy and sometimes even 'pop-like' sounds of DnB. All artists signed to the label stick around a BPM of about 174-176, which has allowed this imprint to have branded themselves in a way different than other labels in the drum and bass world.

But.. times are changing.

Hospital Records is happy to announce the singing of ''Other Echoes' - the newest member of the Hospital family - already related to two of the biggest names on the label - Nick Gresham (Other Echoes) is the younger brother of Nu:tone (Dan) and Logisitics (Matt) and now the Hospital family continues to grow. Its obvious that musical talent is a birth right in the Gresham family with the older brothers excelling within the liquid funk sounds of drum and bass. Other Echoes has re-emerged onto the scene (from his previous title of 'Bastille' where he was signed to another label) with a sound unlike those of both the Gresham or Hospital family. Instead he is is bringing the label some dubstep sounds of the liquid variety. And its simply amazing.

Other Echoes made his debut on the label when they released their 'SUB 150' album earlier this year, featuring tracks from Hospital artists that had BPMs that fell below 150. On this album he released 'Quantum Spectrum feat. Tim Parker' as well as the song 'Please Answer' which he did with his brothers Nu:tone and Logistics. His arguably most popular release is the remix he did of Logistic's 'We are One' - a perfect example of how Drum and Bass is to be slowed, chopped, and reworked if getting remixed to a Dubstep tempo.

I think a mixed reaction to Hospital signing a Dubstep artist to the label is expected, especially when they have Med School (the sister label of Hospital) who usually deals with the artists who don't fit the typical sounds of the main imprint. But times change, sounds evolve, and demands grow but a rising tide lifts all ships and this may be something truly beautiful for the label. And really, this cant come as much of a shock to us, look at Netsky's latest album 'Netsky 2'... Boris dabbled in different BPMs and brought out one of the most genre blending albums the label has ever released, and that record just went Gold in Europe, and rightfully so.. that album was a masterpiece. One of the last things an artist or label wants to happen is become pigeon holed to one sound - Hospital never ceases to amaze us, and are sure as hell not about to start.

Hospital wont be stopped. They keep signing the biggest names (SPY, Netsky, Camo & Krooked) and are host to the most popular club night in the Drum and Bass world (Hospitality) - and now by expanding their roster into the field of dubstep there is no where to go but up. Make sure to keep your ears to the ground for Other Echoes as he will be releasing his debut EP on Hospital in early December.

Checkout the mix he did for Spoonfed and head over to his soundcloud and facebook for more of his latest tunes and because he is definitely about to blow up.

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