Signing their first two hard hitting tracks to Sinuous Recordings in 2004, there’s now no stopping this duo who have lined up releases on Viper Recordings, Hardware, Proximity, DSCI4, MAC II, Circle, Sudden Def, and many more to come.

NC-17 is a Drum & Bass duo of talented artists based in Toronto, Canada consisting of Peter & Shawn. Their namesake refers to the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) rating system which undertakes that an NC-17 rating film would be one based around violence, sex, aberrational behaviour, drug abuse or any other element that most parents would consider too intense for viewing by their children. The group’s love of movies is reflected not only in their name, but equally in their music, combining both NC-17 rating style hardness and a cinematic edge that any fan of Drum & Bass will understand. Crafting music that works not only in an artistic capacity, but also as a catalyst to making clubbers shake their collective booties!

Originally starting out with Peter in 2004, NC-17 became a two man operation in 2007 when Korosiv joined the ranks to form one of the most promising acts in the Canadian scene. Initially learning their craft from Impulse of Corrupt Souls fame, the boys began to draw on a huge range of musical and audio-visual influences to create their own unique sound.

Working together as a unit, NC-17 is held together by an obviously close friendship and individual roles within the group. Peter is the eldest of the group and comes from a musical family (his mother was a singer in Turkey during her early 20s). He houses the main NC-17 studio and is an experienced DJ, promoter, producer and University educated film maker. Shawn, a professional drummer and the son of a sound engineer who toured with the likes of Pink Floyd is originally from Ohio. As soon as the two got into the studio together they knew they had something special to offer and Canada’s most promising Drum & Bass production outfit was born.

Citing inspiration from as far and wide as the Goblin, Dario Argento, Wu-Tang Clan, Led Zeppelin, Beastie Boys, Lucio Fulci, Fabio Frizzi, Konflict, Ed Rush, Trace, Jeff Mills, DJ Randall and Pink Floyd it’s clear to see that NC-17 have a solid foundation to build on and already their own musical output is featuring not only in their regular DJ slots around their home city, but also in the sets of DJs as world renowned as Andy C, Ed Rush, Optical, Randall, Pendulum, Trace, Bad Company, Red One, Shimon & many more.


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