Commix is the alias of Cambridge duo Guy Brewer and George Levings. Since their first assault onto vinyl on DJ SS' Formation imprint and hometown mate Nu:Tone's label, they've released tracks for labels including C.I.A, Hospital Records and Horizons Music. Commix was originally a trio, forming in 2002, and becoming a duo in 2004, and since that time their sound has becomea edgier, more experimental, intelligent and above all else more diverse, with a wide range of musical influences shining through.

In 2005, the mighty mighty Metalheadz picked up a selection of tracks (Satellite Song -which quickly became an anthem with the likes of Goldie and Randall), appearing on the MDZ05 compilation, Urban Legend and If I Should Fall, and giving birth to the critically acclaimed 12" on Metalheadz.

Of the Cambridge trinity - Nu:Tone, Logistics and Commix - it was Commix that were the last to take a firm grip on the D&B scene, yet when they did finally cement themselves it was in some style; their album "Call To Mind" was the sound of 2007, and it's tough to recall a drum & bass record that is quite so successful at marrying the beautifully listenable and the gloriously experimental.

Toronto is definitely in for a night of madness with DJ Hype & Commix headlining PROJEK: HOLIDAZE, December 16th @ the Guvernment. The perfect present right before the holidays that will without a doubt leave everyone with warm and fuzzy feelings surrounding 2011, and nothing but pure excitement for what's to come in 2012. (more…)

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