Matteo DiMarr aka M1.

No hype. No gimmicks. A Toronto House Music Legend with a discography spanning 3 DECADES and owner of legendary record label Jinxx Records.

You may remember him most from this anthem:

Check out his latest release on My Digital Enemy's label 'Zulu Records'

Take a look at this amazing and extensive discography!

Artist Title Label
M1 Feel The Drums/Get You/EroticSignals Emotive
M1  Dynomite Emotive
Insomnia I'll Be There/The bottle/Assualt Emotive
M1 Then & Now/Feel The Drums Rmx/Dynomite Rmx Emotive
Insomnia Imagination/Who has the Jazz?/Summer Swing Emotive
M1 Reach For The Stars/Dirty Five/Rubba Dub Emotive
Dirty Mind Dirty Mind Ep Jinxx
M1 In Yo'Face EP Jinxx
M1 Won't You Come Away? Canadian Exclusive Hi Bias/Bmg
Jacksoul Got Your Soul/Cityscape BMG
M One I Can Feel It Jinxx
M One I Can Feel It (Cd single) Popular/Warner
M1 Electronic Funk Jinxx
M1 Electronic Funk (European release) Popular/Italy
M1 Luv 2 dance Jinxx
Matthaus Fear of Silence V.1 Stickman
Jinxx Boys Back Door Revelations Aquarius
Neon Lights The Glow EP Jinxx
Matthaus Mouth Music EP Stickman
Neon Lights Shimmering EP Jinxx
Manmachine Fever/Point The Way/Music on My Mind DNH
M1 Pres. Manmachine Falling Jinxx
M1 E.F.2000 Jinxx/Higherstate
Neon Lights All In My Mind EP Brique Rouge
Matthaus Mouth Music EP Remixes Groovalicious
Playhouse You Feel Music Scorpio
Dirty Gringo Circus Freak/Side Show Beats Honchos/NRK
House Builder Inner City Blues/ Life,Life,Life… DNH
Matthaus Scat Box EP Stickman
3 The Hard Way Brooklyn/Joy Ride/SP Izim DNH
Neon Lights Sountrack For The Blind Brique Rouge
Dirty Gringo Snake Charmer/Gringo's Theme Jinxx
Neon Lights Gumbo! Remixes Brique Rouge
Neon Lights More Gumbo! - Secret Gems From The Vault Brique Rouge
Neon Lights Decoder EP Brique Rouge
The Bionic Men The Dawning Stickman
The Bionic Men Toronto Underground/Ghetto Chicken Stickman
M1 Fly/Hatiras Electronic Luv Nue Method
Nick Holder History In The Making NRK
Native Tongue Fuma/High Brique Rouge
M1 & MC Flipside Freak The Frequency Reinvent Music
M1 & MC Flipside Freak The Frequency Net’s Work International Italy
M1 Your Only Friend/Intercepter RZ/Brique Rouge
The Highlife Paradise Angel Reinvent Music
Faux Fish Universal Canada DVD
M1 Porn Tech Money Sex Reinvent Music
M1 & MC Flipside Freak The Frequency/Antoine Clamaran Remix Electrade France
M1 Electronic Funk/Mixes Future Reinvent Music
Neon Lights Hey Everybody Reinvent Music
M1 Robopop Reinvent Music / Universal
Mic Perri 1000 Degrees PBR
M1 Freak Music Pt1 Mar186
Matteo DiMarr Middlefinger/The Scream Mar186
Matteo DiMarr Drop&Climb Mar186
Matteo DiMarr The Chase Is Better Than The Catch Mar186
M1 & MC Flipside Naughty Mar186
Matteo DiMarr Growlur Mar186
M1 Mezmerize EP Mar186
M1 Rumble Mar186
M1 Smoke & Mirrors Mar186
M1 & MC Flipside I’ll House You Mar186
Matteo DiMarr Karma/Rodeo Mar186
Matteo DiMarr What Time Is It? Mar186
Matteo DiMarr The Dumb Down Mar186
House Music United Yes We Can Reinvent Music
Matteo DiMarr Whisper 2000 Mar186
FPS Bad Habits Dataworx
Matteo DiMarr Red Mar186
FPS Mist/Fallout Toolroom
Matteo DiMarr Darkness Mar186
M1 Never Far Away Reinvent Music
Matteo DiMarr No Air/Sahara Mar186
Matteo DiMarr Addicted/Full Circle Toolroom
Matteo DiMarr & Sydney Blu Panic Attack Ep Blu Music/Toolroom
Matteo DiMarr Smell The Wood Mar186
MC Flipside & Matteo DiMarr Beside You PBR Recordings
Matteo DiMarr Drumbotto Mar186
Matteo DiMarr Classic Tracks Reinvent Music
Matteo DiMarr & Fab Strong Sirkuss Mar186
Matteo DiMarr F This Club & Blower Feat.Dashka SIZE
Matteo DiMarr Dark Drums Series One Mar186
Matteo DiMarr & Adam K Bum Bom Hotbox
Matteo DiMarr Sunrise Beat Therapy
Matteo DiMarr Creep SIZE
Matteo DiMarr & Ant Brooks Feel It Mar186
Matteo DiMarr & Dirty Harris Silverback Maquina
Matteo DiMarr Dark Drums Series Two Mar186
My Digital Enemy & Matteo DiMarr Lattitude Hotfingers
Matteo DiMarr Zilla Mar186
Matteo DiMarr An Angel’s Prayer Feat Roland Clark Zulu
Matteo DiMarr Not In My House PBR

Check out Matteo Dimarr at 'Family Affair' on Sunday, February 15th 2015.  More Info HERE

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