December 12, 2014

The Most Expensive Bottle Service in the World—$500,000 for Champagne in Vegas

It’s not quite priceless, but you can view all this from your table Hakkasan while drinking 30 liters of champagne and wearing a championship belt. (Photo: Al Powers of Powers Imagery)

We know about dropping the New Year’s Ball, but this is New Year’s Baller.

The Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub is offering what it calls the world’s most expensive bottle service for its year-end party extravaganza. Just plunk down $500,000 at the MGM Casino venue, and you’ll get a whole lot more than a place to sit when the clock strikes midnight.

Arman de Brignac Gold Dynastie champagne

Your champagne for the evening — the Midas is in the back. (Courtesy: Arman de Brignac Gold Dynastie)

We can’t even say you’ll party like a rock star, because in the age of Spotify most rock stars can’t afford this kind of spread. Here are the perks of the club’s Dynastie Package:

A staff of 40 to serve you and your posse.

  • Your name flashing on the Hakkasan screen amid a light show and confetti drop.
  • The world’s  largest champagne bottle served just for you: the 30-liter Midas by Armand de Brignac, which measures at 100 pounds and 4 feet tall, and holds the same amount of booze as 40 standard-sized champagne bottles. And because Vegas is about subtlety, you’ll be served this bottle by a “model cocktail waitress” riding a chariot. Ben-Hur never had it so good.
DJ Calvin Harris

From the headliner on New Year’s Eve. (Courtesy: Calvin Harris/Twitter)

  • A custom-made championship belt to wear across your waist, in case you want to indulge any UFC fantasies there.
  • A gold disc signed by superstar DJ Calvin Harris, who’s the headliner that night. (Should you book for Dec. 30 it’s signed by performing DJ Hardwell, and on Jan. 1 it’s signed by Tiesto.)
  • A pair of diamond Hakkasan cuff links for him, and a diamond necklace for her … or her … or her.

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If all this sounds too bourgeois for you, you can also book astandard ticket to the NYE event at the ladies’ price of $150, and the men’s price of $300 (prices are subject to increase).

(H/T: Yahoo News)

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