November 26, 2014

A few weeks ago, we asked our fans on our Facebook page:

"What would you do for a pair of Andy C tickets?"

Naturally we received the usual smart ass, non-sensical remarks you'd expect from the internet mixed in with offers of sexual favours, but in our inbox we received something we never thought we'd see.  Destiny fan Adam Raitanen composed a well written essay about his admiration for Drum & Bass, and the Executioner: Andy C.  Naturally he won.

Here is what he submitted:


Most people vividly remember the important moments of their lives: their high school graduation, exchanging their wedding vows, the birth of their first child; but I remember one moment particularly well: the moment I realized the immense power and poetry of drum and bass music, and the profound impact one particular DJ of this genre would have on my life. The moment occurred at projek: VIRAM on March 27th, 2010, and the DJ was Andy C.

I had seen Andy C a number of times before. Having been a hardcore DJ for over 10 years at the time I would regularly attend a variety of events in the Ontario and Quebec regions, and make an effort to experience all types of genres and headline performers. I rarely had the opportunity to take in a full set however, or to really process what I was seeing as I was always on the move and focused on my own performance. The night in question was different though. I had gone specifically to see some of the biggest names in drum and bass with a group of friends, and to take the time to enjoy it strictly from the perspective of a raver. I knew drum and bass was one of my favourite sounds, and this was the time to immerse myself in it from the front of the crowd. From the moment Andy C took the stage, I knew I was witnessing something special:

The crowd started going wild. They had their lighters, their cell phones, their hands, anything reaching up to the ceiling. I couldn't help but get completely swept up in the energy of the room. My entire body could feel the basslines, the crowd roars, and the power that this DJ was pumping into our lives. I went back to my hotel room that night with only 1 conclusion: Andy C is the greatest DJ on planet earth.

The first thing about Andy C that everyone notices right away is his impressive, complex, beautifully structured sets. The mixing is inspired and fluid, and moves you through emotions, rhythms and soundscapes at a blistering pace. His track selection is exceptional. He always busts out the newest anthems and classic bangers, and customizes to the crowd he's playing for. He takes them on a journey, and there's a reason he's about to launch a UK Tour of his Andy C – All Night events: he's one of those few DJ's with the versatility and stamina to keep a party raging from start to finish, complete on his own. All those who have experienced Andy C at an event will attest to this.

Looking back at Andy C' storied career, one thing that immediately jumps out is his success as a label manager. The RAM records back catalog is a playlist of some of the biggest drum and bass anthems of all time. Valley of the Shadows, The Beginning, Titan, Body Rock, Signal, X-Ray, the list is endless. After 22 years of continually pumping out hits, the label is stronger than ever. The brightest young up and coming producers are flocking to sign with RAM, knowing the respect and recognition artists on this label consistently receive. Artists such as Audio, Culture Shock, and Toronto's own Rene LaVice are achieving new plateau's of success in the dnb circuit under the guiding hand of Andy C and RAM records. 

Andy C hasn't only been taking a manager type role at RAM records, but he's also one of their leading producers. He recently signed with major label, Atlantic Records, having proven himself both on the dancefloor and in the studio. His latest anthem, Heartbeat Loud is achieving new heights of success for drum and bass music on the global dance music scene. Drum and bass is no longer a niche, complicated, inaccessible genre. Andy C has brought drum and bass to the mainstream, while maintaining the energy and beauty that die hard junglists cherish and expect.

The future is not yet written, but it doesn't take an expert to predict that Andy C's success will continue to grow, and his influence on the world of drum and bass and dance music in general will reach new heights. The groundshaking live sets he performs, the producing power of his RAM records roster of artists, and the refined beauty of his own studio creations have solidified him in annuls of jungle/drum and bass history. If you haven't had the good fortune to see 'The Executioner' live yet, do one thing right now when you finish reading this: buy a ticket for Projek: Andy C at Kool Haus in Toronto, November 28 of 2014. This will be the last time he performs in the immense Kool Haus space, and it is sure to recreate the moment that inspired me to write for you today. A new generation of drum and bass fanatics will be born on the dancefloor that night, and a legion of lifelong Andy C supporters will be ecstatic as they get to see the greatest DJ on planet earth perform once more.

Adam Raitanen

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