projek: ED RUSH, OPTICAL & DJ MARKY 30 days 15:26:11



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Describing last weekend’s Bass Week kick off as a success is an understatement. Hospitality was insane with each DJ playing an amazing set to a MASSIVE crowd. Saturday night’s Dubstep inspired ‘Projek: Circus‘ was sweaty, grimy and intense. As we take the next five days to rest and recover we have a special treat to offer anyone who missed out last weeks parties.

Starting tonight and while supplies last, we are offering the remaining Bass Week wristbands for HALF PRICE. This means you can get a wristband for $50, which will get you into our last two shows (plus, the exclusive ‘Bassweek After Party, Sunday night at Aria). If you have yet to get your ticket for  Projek: RAM with Andy C, Loadstar, Wilkinson and Rene Lavice, instead of paying $40 for an advanced RAM ticket, get a wristband! That way, you can attend the World of Drum and Bass event on Friday March 28th, for only $10 !! (Individual tickets are $30 advance) and the Official Afterparty w/ Mr. Brown, Rick Toxic and more.. FOR FREE! World of Drum and Bass is going to a night for the heads, with DJ SS, Mampi Swift, Bailey and more coming to Product/Barcode and the After Party is a night for the Local Love.

Take advantage of this amazing deal, save yourself $30+ instead of buying tickets separately and we shall see you all at the dance!


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Like the rose that grew from concrete Tony Cook a.k.a. Cookie Monsta grew up in Nottingham, U.K. And just like any rambunctious child he spent his days climbing trees, playing sports and what would prove most important, playing video games. In 1999 a program called “Music 2000″ on Playstation’s console was created. After seeing his brother play around with the program, he was instantly intrigued with music composition and started making his own sounds on the program. After realizing how much he loved doing this he knew his next step would be to expand his knowledge with the help of formal training. After making the decision to study music technology at school, he started fine-tuning his skills and was introduced to the production program ‘Reason’ for the first time. Creating tracks with more ease and with the influence of garage, grime and gothic artists, his sound became varied. From upbeat melodies to gritty, dark bass lines he started making waves and people noticed. At the end of the school year, Cookie played a set at his college and received positive feedback prompting him to seriously focus on his music.

Shortly after graduation and focusing on making music he met the man who would change his life forever. Flux Pavillion, took him under his wing and invited him to join the Circus Records label. Working amongst his well-respected peers, his ability to create and expand his musical talent prospered immediately. In July of 2010 he released his first double-side on Circus entitled, ‘Ginger Pubes/Blurgh’ and it was an instant hit. Supported by many djs, the track exploded and placed Cookie Monsta in a league of his own. Playing with distortion in his music may be common practice, but his knowledge and maturity in doing so, solidified him as a DJ with the ability to edit, censor and produce quality music almost effortlessly. Future releases including ‘Me Want Cookie’, ‘RIOT!’, the bouncy ‘Diss track’, ‘Yow Momma’ and the Circus 2 compilation mixed with FuntCase have made him stand out in the Circus label. Cookie has been able to have his stamp of unique wit and charm worked into every aspect of his music.

His ability to be playful with his production while sill bringing those hard, catchy basslines has made him one of the most exciting artists to listen to. Never knowing which way a Cookie Monsta track will go has kept fans and everyone else guessing, “which way will the cookie crumble this time?” Alas, we will find out what direction the Cookie Monsta will go on Saturday, March 22nd at Adelaide Hall when he comes to Toronto with the Circus ‘Grand Central’ tour as part of our 4th Annual Bassweek.  

Known to his friends and fans, Cookie Monsta is always down for a good laugh. If he’s not showcased on FuntCase’s tour videos pulling pranks, and sampling Canada’s best ‘sour candies,’ he’s off touring doing the same thing behind the scenes. Here at Destiny, we set out to find some interesting facts about Mr. Cook and the man behind the music.

He’s a Cat Lover:

At one point he had 3 cats that were all pregnant at the same time resulting in multiple litters. When asked what they were named he replied, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc etc” meow.

The Best Cookie for Cookie’s Sake:

He loves all cookies but he’s partial to Maryland’s chocolate chip which is a popular brand in the UK. These cookies are found on his rider and receives them the most from promotors and throws them out to fans at shows.

“EDM, Bro.”

He just can’t stand that 3-letter term…”EDM” He feels its too generic, “I understand why they [Americans] do it but i don’t like the technical term.” I think many of us are with him on this one. Right bro?

Take a second, get to know the man that is Cookie Monsta and get ready for some distorted wobbly bass business on Saturday, March 22nd at Adelaide Hall.

Projek: Circus Records (Doctor P, Cookie Monsta and Mizuki)
Venue: Adelaide Hall
Tickets: $40 advanced, more at door, FREE with Bassweek Wristband


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Danny Byrd. One of the first names that comes to mind upon hearing ‘Hospital Records.’ It could be argued that the present day Hospital Records would not be where it is now without the signing of the Byrdman in its early conception. Byrd released his first single titled ‘Do it Again’ in early 2000. Now, 14 years later he has released 3 albums and countless singles all under the Hospital name. It was an 8 year wait for his first studio album, having dropped ’Supersized’ in 2008 followed by ‘Rave Digger’ in 2010. The latter of the two was a huge success. Employing his distinct sound alongside his obvious use of hip hop and R&B, tunes like ’Ill Behaviour’ ‘We Can Have it All’ and ‘Tonight’ featuring label mate Netsky, made this success of Rave Digger come easy.

With ‘Ill Behaviour’ nabbing a coveted No.1 slot on the UK Dance Charts, Danny Byrd’s sound was taken to a whole new audience and allowed his popularity to grow. After slaving the tour circuit and hibernating in his studio with his computer and a bottle of Brandy, Danny released ‘Golden Ticket’ in 2013, his 3rd studio album. This album is the perfect representation of a decade spent of honing one particular sound. Each song on this 21 track LP is diverse yet has the signature Danny Byrd sound echoed throughout. With enough appeal to gain regular plugs on the radio waves, as well as strong dance floor playability, Golden Ticket is by far his greatest work yet. Featuring tracks such as the anthem ‘Get on It’ featuring the Brookes Brothers as well as the massive dance floor killer ‘Bad Boy (Back Again)’ and a ton of liquidy, funky and gnarly business in between, this album is simply HUGE. 

To help get you reacquainted with the legend that is Danny Byrd, check out the documentary curated alongside his ‘Golden Ticket’ album. It gives you a behind the scenes look of the life of Danny, both on the road and in the studio. Give it a watch, rinse the f**k out, and see you all on Friday March 21st at Sound Academy when we welcome the Hospitality Family back to Toronto for the kick off of our 4th Annual Bassweek! 


When: Friday March 21st 2014
Where: Sound Academy, Toronto
How: Tickets Online $35 or FREE with a  Bassweek wristband
Must be 19+ with valid I.D

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Bass Week Teaser‘ mixed by DJ Spinz

Its the most wonderful time of the year… Bass Week!

To get you primed and ready, here’s a teaser mix from one of Toronto’s best: DJ Spinz! This mix features as many of the Artists and Labels as he could fit in an hour mix along with a few other notable bangers. If this mix doesn’t get you ready to rave, you might actually be dead… check your pulse!


  1. DJ SS – Black (Silent Code Rmx) – Formation
  2. Danny Byrd – Make It Weighty feat. Serocee – Hospital
  3. Trei – Seeds – Viper
  4. Wilkinson – Afterglow (Cyantific Rmx) – Ram
  5. Mob Tactics – Joe Mangle – Ram
  6. NC 17 – 42nd Street – Grind5ouse
  7. Dizzee Rascal – I Don’t Need A Reason (Mampi Swift Rmx) – Dirty Stank
  8. Bluescreens – Strike One Part II – Ram
  9. Danny Byrd – Red Mist VIP – Hospital
  10. Teddy Killerz – Big Blow – ProgRam
  11. Royalston – Stalking Stones – Med School
  12. S.P.Y & Total Science – Try Out (feat. Marky) – Hospital
  13. Wilkinson – Too Close VIP (feat. Detour City) – Ram
  14. Birdy – Wings (Nu:Logic Rmx) – Hospital
  15. Rene LaVice – Dark Passenger (June Miller Rmx) – Ram
  16. DJ SS – Lighter (Bladerunner 2012 Rmx) – Formation
  17. Royalston – Jungle Gone Down (feat. August Storm) – Med School
  18. Rene Lavice – Where My Ladies At – Ram
  19. Andy C – Workout – Ram
  20. Spectrem – Trigger – Technique
  21. Danny Byrd – Bad Monday – Hospital


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Its almost here. The kick off to the best week of the year, Bass Week. Starting the week in the grandest of ways we are lucky to have the epic Hospitality Tour touch down in Toronto on Friday, March 21st. This year Hospital Records has sent the veteran, Danny Byrd, the talented S.P.Y and the increasingly powerful up and comers Fred V & Grafix who have just released a new single titled ‘Recognise.’

The latter duo of the Hospitality roster have been on the rise during the past couple years, but it was truly in 2013 that the duo really began to take flight. Almost a year ago to date the pair released their debut solo single on Hospital Records, bringing us their “Goggles” EP. This release was met with great success as their sound had already began to reach the masses, through their tracks ‘Purple Gates’ and ‘Major Happy’ which were released on separate Hospital compilations.

Now a year later since their debut EP, Fred V & Grafix have released their first single ‘Recognise’ off of their debut album of the same name. Preparing for a massive hometown launch party in Exeter alongside label mates Camo & Krooked, London Elektricity and Metrik this tune provides a perfect idea of what to expect from the full length LP. Opening with perfectly crafted melodies on top of crisp percussion, it becomes easy to see how their production skills have found a spot alongside the pros. This is especially evident when you hear the soulful vocals emerge on the record and then learn that it is the voice of Fred V himself.

‘Recognise’ is available now both on vinyl and as digital download. On the vinyl you will receive the single as well as a hauntingly strong neurofunk remix on the flip brought to you by Emperor. With the digital download you receive the Emperor remix, a Panda remix as well as both the original and its radio edit.

Grab the release and familiarize yourself with the new sounds of Fred V & Grafix and get yourself ready for Projek: Hospitality on Friday March 21st as we kick off the 4th Annual Bassweek.


Friday March 21st 2014
Venue: Sound Academy, Toronto
Tickets: $35 online or FREE with Bassweek wristband
19+ with valid ID



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RAMiami 2014, Ram Records,

One of our favourite labels are at it again. While everyone that is anyone in the music industry prepares to make the mission to Miami in the coming days to attend Winter Music Conference and the countless pool and club parties that make up Miami Music Week, we here in Toronto are going to freeze our asses off and count the days til Bassweek. While we patiently wait until the Bassweek kick-off on Friday March 22nd, one thing we can do while trying to stay warm (or cool depending on the mood mother nature is in because lately that bitch is acting crazy) is check out the newest compilation from the Ram Records Camp. RAMiami 2014 is the second of this particular compilation, that is made with Miami Music Week in mind.  Ram Records and their stacked family of talent have been making the trek across the pond and down south since day one of WMC and have easily become the drum and bass acts to catch while in the Sunshine State. Hosting their own club night at ‘Therapy’ in Miami in the past, this year they will be invading the premier bass party of Miami Music Week: SMOG VS FIREPOWER at Mekka. For anyone who makes it to Miami and has a persuasion to the sounds of Drum and Bass, this party is unlike any other.

So what about us mere mortals, who are stuck trekking through snow rather than sand but still want to catch some pre-Bassweek Ram Records vibes? We get RAMiami 2014 when it is released on March 21st, crank up the volume, turn up the heat, throw on a speedo and pretend we are there. Then, we wait until we get to experience the it all ourselves at Sound Academy on March 29th when Andy C, Wilkinson, Loadstar and our hometown hero, Rene Lavice bring the heat for Projek: Ram Records as part of our 4th Annual Bassweek.

RAMiami 2014 is ram-packed (get it?) with classics, VIPs, and exclusives. Salaryman makes a debut with his jazzy and bouncy track ‘My Future’ and Mob Tactics takes us to the dark side with the venomous track Joe Mangle.’ No Ram compilation would be complete without all the classics, so within the 16 tracks given you can find Loadstar’s ’BLVD’ and Culture Shock’s ‘Ohrwurm’ as well as other classics from Roni Size, Sub Focus, Moving Fusion, Noisia, Wilkinson and more. The track list below speaks for itself…

1: Andy C – Workout 
2: Sub Focus – Flamenco 
3: Wilkinson – Every Time 
4: Rene LaVice – The Way You Love Me
5: Dynamite MC & Origin Unknown – Hotness (Roni Size Remix) 
6: Delta Heavy – Take The Stairs 
7: Loadstar BLVD 
8: Culture Shock – Ohrwurm 
9: DC Breaks – Pickett Line VIP 
10: Salaryman – My Future 
11: Calyx & TeeBee – We Become One (Ft Foreign Beggars & Craze) 
12: Hamilton – Echoes 
13: Mob Tactics – Joe Mangle 
14: Noisia – Façade VIP 
15: Loadstar – Need You (Frankee Remix) 
16: Moving Fusion – Chilli Pepper 
17: Bluescreens – Strike One (Part 2)

You can order the compilation here

We will see you all at Projek: RAM Records on March 29th at Sound Academy in Toronto as the final event of the 4th Anniversary of Bassweek! 

Event Info:
Projek Ram Records feat. Andy C, Wilkinson, Loadstar, Rene Lavice
March 29th
Sound Academy
$40 advanced, Free with Wristband

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At the age of 28 Shaun Brockhurst better knows as ‘Doctor P’ has triumphed well beyond his years in the electronic dance music scene. With over 21 smash-hit releases including Circus One & Two, ‘Sweet Shop’, ‘Badman Sound’,Tetris‘ and the newer ‘Shiskabob(FREE DOWNLOAD HERE) he has positioned himself as one of the most highly sought after artists to work with in this industry. In 2007 his ‘claim to fame’ ‘Sweet Shop’, was released on MySpace and since then he’s become a co-founder of a massive record label, sold out shows, toured internationally and inspired a generation of up and coming producers. With a long list of achievements and respect from peers and fans, Doctor P has surely positioned himself as one of the most influential DJs in the music scene.

The humble, talented man with all the right moves took the time to answer some of Destiny’s questions about himself, the Circus label, the upcoming Grand Central EP dropping on March 24th and the US tour that features himself, their newest addition, ‘Mizuki’ and ‘Cookie Monsta’. You can catch Doctor P and the rest of the Circus Records Tour on March 22nd at the new Toronto venue Adelaide Hall as part of the 4th Annual Bass Week. 

 Since that fateful summer in 2009 when you decided to create Circus Records alongside Flux Pavillion, Simon Swan & Earl Falconer, did you realize you would become such a massive force in the Electronic Music scene. For yourself, what has been the best part of the success?

I don’t think anyone can predict what will happen when they decide to start something like that. Of course we hoped for success, but I think we achieved a lot more than we expected, a lot faster than we expected as well!  It has been an extremely interesting learning experience for me, and for all of us I think. I never expected to be in the position where I was co-running a label and touring the world as a DJ, especially as it virtually happened over-night!  I went from being unemployed, sitting in my pyjamas making music on an old computer to touring the world, performing to thousands of people within a few months.

 The Grand Central tour is running for just over a month in nine different cities. How is the touring process for you guys? Is it a time to relax and focus on the shows, or more about utilizing down time to deal with current projects you’re all involved in?

There really is no down time in any of our lives. I think some people have the impression that we spend our time partying and chilling out, but touring and producing music is surprisingly hard work, as the dark circles under my eyes will testify! My manager/label co-owner Simon once told me that this isn’t a job, it’s a way of life, and I think that pretty much sums it up.  We’ll all be working on music the whole time we’re on tour I think. There are always some fun times as well though, usually after a few drinks at the shows.

The 11-track long Grand Central EP features other artists outside of the Circus label (Which is rare for you guys). What can we expect from this release dropping March 24th? Are you currently working on other projects?

We are all really happy with the album. We wanted to do something different and something that was outside of our comfort zone, and I think we have achieved what we hoped to do. We wanted to put together an album that was different to anything else currently available in the world of electronic music. There is a lot of house-style music on it, and some other different styles which is very unusual for Circus. We all felt that even though we were initially known for Dubstep, there is so much good electronic music in the world and we wanted to explore some slightly different things. To me, it still sounds very ‘Circusy’ though!

 What are some of your favourite festivals to play during the year? Is there a particular one you are looking forward to playing this upcoming season? 

All the big American festivals always blow my mind. They just seem to go all out on the stage production and sound systems in America, so it’s always really fun to perform.

Circus is home to a group of heavyweight producers, does this affect the rate in which new talent is signed? 

We are always on the hunt for new talent, but we do try and focus a lot of energy on signed artists. We like the idea of signing artists and helping them all develop and hone their sound. I like to think of Circus as a big family, we are all friends outside of the music side of things, so it’s like we are all working together to make the music as good as possible.

 In terms of style, Circus One solidified the label as Dubstep-heavy. However, other releases since have been a mixture of every genre from glitch hop to house. Can we expect to see more of that particularly on Circus Three?

When we started the label we knew we would eventually branch out into other styles, as we are all into lots of different styles of music. I want ‘Circus Three’ to be something really exciting and surprising. I don’t think we will be sticking to Dubstep, but we will definitely stay with our ‘Circus Sound’ that people have come to recognize.

 During collaborations, are you able to identify each other’s sound and work alongside each other seamlessly, or are there roadblocks?

I think an artist’s sound will come through in anything they produce. It’s all about their personality and their taste. Me and Cookie Monsta have made two tracks together, and I think they are both recognizable as our own.

What advice would you give to up and coming producers about originality and making a name for themselves?

It’s a cliche to say ‘passion’, but it is true. If you are not passionate about the music then you have no chance of succeeding. I hear a lot of young producers making Trap & Dubstep etc, but I feel that they are only making it because it happens to be a popular sound at the moment. I think the key is making music that you really want to make, regardless of whether it may become successful or not. The thing I have noticed about successful producers I have spoken to, people like Skrillex, Madeon, Noisia, etc, is that they all really care about the music, and love making it. None of those guys are doing it for the glory, just for the enjoyment of making the music itself. I think that if you get the music right, the rest will happen naturally.

 Both you and Flux Pavillion have accredited Rusko for getting you interested in Dubstep. What are some of your other influences for your trademark sound?

I was heavily into Drum n Bass before I discovered Dubstep (well I still am in to Drum and Bass). Producers like Original Sin, Noisia, Pendulum, Chase & Status, Clipz, etc, influenced me a lot in the early days of my productions. I used to spend hours trying to make drums like Noisia, and bass sounds like Original Sin. I never really managed to make Drum n Bass like those guys, but I took what I learned from their tracks and applied it to Dubstep, and that’s how my sound was born.

You started as a drum and bass DJ, have you thought about releasing drum and bass material in a series of EP’s?

I still make Drum n Bass, but there are so many guys doing it so well at the moment that I don’t end up finishing the tracks. I compare my Drum and Bass to tracks to someone like TC and then I lose faith in mine!

 Being from the UK you’ve heard a lot of UK funk and garage growing up. What do you think about the current explosion in the U.S. and abroad? 

I am really shocked that Garage has taken off. I loved Garage when I was younger, but it really died off in the UK. I have been working on some Garagey stuff recently, I loved that sound a lot when I was a teenager, and I’ve been rediscovering it recently.

 What set-up are you currently using in the studio?

I have an iMac and Focal SM9 monitors. No outboard gear or anything fancy really. My music has to be portable between my laptop and studio computer, so I am only really able to use software. I make a lot of music when I am on the road, so my ‘studio’ is often a hotel bed or an airplane seat.

What are the three things you can’t live without while touring?

I only need two…laptop & headphones!

You have a massive fan base here in Toronto, any final words to the Toronto crew before your show on March 22nd?

Every time I have played in Toronto it’s been really good. It was one of the first places I ever played outside of Europe, so I have fond memories whenever I go back there. I’m hoping this show will be as good as all the other’s I have played there. We’re all looking forward to the whole tour!


Catch DOCTOR P at Projek: Circus on March 22nd at Adelaide Hall
Tickets: $40 advanced or FREE with BASSWEEK Wristband
Event Info: Here 


Words By: Sahara ‘Saha’ P.


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Hailing from Dunfermline, Scotland, Reilly Brown better known as (Mizuki/Muzuki’s Last Chance) has quickly become a producer/dj with a signature sound and a creative vision for his music. Naming himself after the warrior  ”Mizuki” in the popular magna strip, Naruto, there’s no mistaking this young talent had a definitive purpose to succeed. He started producing at the age of 16 during the mid 2000′s when Dubstep was gaining commercial success in the UK and abroad. Like many new producers he faced the same road blocks of harnessing his own sound with little resources and a desire to turn his dream into a reality. Referencing artists like Daft Punk, Chase & Status and Justice; Mizuki set out on his journey of finding his niche and making a name for himself in dance music. Early on in his career he described his sound as “Chiptune, Electro, Drum & Bass and Dubstep”  While the spectrum to create a unique sound was vast being involved in so many genres; his first 5 EP’s demonstrated an uncanny ability to showcase a variety of genres while maintaining his own sound.

In 2011, Mizuki released a 6-track EP that would later define him as a “Master of the 8-bit sound”. Entitled ‘Tactical Assault’ the EP embodies that 8-bit sound with experimental dubstep and drum and bass tracks like ‘Rolling Blackouts’ & ‘Backlash’. Follow-up releases such as ‘Holy Bleep’, ‘Sicktogram’, ‘The Monsoon E.P.’ & Broke As Funk (which was made in one week) solidified Mizuki as a force to be reckoned with. Release after release he was gaining more popularity but he hadn’t found his break until he entered a remix competition.

Already a fan of the Circus label, Reilly made the life changing decision to enter a remix competition for Doctor P’s classic ‘Neon’ ft. Jenna G. Having previously remixed Doctor P’s ‘Sweet Shop’ on his Tactical Assault EP he was no stranger to the signature Circus sound. The infectious build up leading into a glitch-drenched funky bassline proved to be a hit. Up against some solid entries from artists like Tristam his originality and creativity caught the ears of Doctor P and the Circus Records family. Mizuki’s remix was named the winner of the competition and ‘Last Chance’ was dropped from his moniker. All that remained was a passionate young dj ready to roll with undoubtedly one of the biggest international labels in the world.

Shortly after joining the Circus family, no time was wasted in introducing him as the fresh new talent with a big sound. April 2013 marked the release of his first double-side EP, ‘Punch Out/Oh Yeah’ followed up with his single ‘Uppercut’ in September. Both releases were very successful in showcasing his range as a producer. From an upbeat glitch hop track like ‘Punch Out’ to the aggressive, gritty baseline on ‘Uppercut’ the integrity of his music remained the same. His ability to produce polar opposite tracks without losing his individuality pens him as a professional even with the few years he’s had in this industry. When the Shady Bunch EP from Circus was released shortly after, Mizuki’s ‘Damn F*#king Right’ made a striking debut and sent waves throughout the scene. The next collaboration which for Mizuki would be the most important was the release of Circus Two’. The success of “Damn F*#king Right” landed it a spot on Circus Two alongside his two other massive singles entitled, ‘Block Party’ and ‘Helios’.

The Grand Central Tour is taking place March 22nd at the hot new venue Adelaide Hall in Toronto for Bassweek. It will feature Mizuki alongside Doctor P, Cookie Monsta and Toronto’s own Hydee which is sure to be a night of the mayhem. The tour is supporting the Grand Central EP that will be released March 24th featuring Mizuki, Doctor P, Cookie Monsta, Flux Pavillion and various guest artists. Individual tickets are available but it’s highly recommended you purchase a wristband and get entry to all four events taking place over the last two weekends in March. It only comes around once a year so get your dancing shoes on and celebrate the best time of the year!


Words By Sahara “Saha” P.

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Bass Week is quickly approaching and this year, for our 4th Annual Bass Week we have pulled out all the stops! With FOUR HUGE events spanning across TWO WEEKENDS, we are offering shows that will appeal to every Bass Music fan!

Projek: Hospitality – Danny Byrd, SPY, Fred V & Grafix

Projek: Circus Records – Doctor P, Cookie Monsta, Muziki

Projek: World of Drum and Bass – DJ SS, Mampi Swift, Bailey

Projek: Ram Records – Andy C, Wilkinson, Loadstar, Rene Lavice

So what does the Destiny family want to do? We want to give away A PAIR OF BASS WEEK WRISTBANDS so a pair of lucky ravers can attend all four events on us!

What do you have to do? Upload a picture of you and your best ‘Bass Face’ on the Bass Week Contest Page of the Destiny Events Website! Pictures taken at events, by friends, or by yourself can be uploaded.  Be sure to include your name so we can find you if you win!

The Destiny crew will pick our favourite 10 submissions on Friday, March 14th and post them to our Facebook page for our fans to vote on.  The winner will be decided on the number of likes their picture receives.*

The best way to attend all of these amazing events is by having a Bass Week wristband! Not only are you saving nearly 50% the cost each event if you were to buy the tickets individually, but you will gain easy access to all the events and will get a pretty kick ass souvenir at the end of the week!


- One submission per person (multiple photos by one person will be removed and the individual will be disqualified) So make sure you post your best Bass Face!

- Photos must be uploaded through the Destiny Website (

- Contest submission deadline is March 14th at 5pm.  Contest winner will be identified on March 19th at 8pm.

- The winner will be decided based on the number of likes the photo receives and selected at the discretion of the Destiny Team*

- The winner will receive their wristband at the first event they attend

- The wristband is non-transferable and is subject to inspection. Any wristband that has been tampered with, taken off or damaged in anyway will be deemed void and entry will be refused

Make sure to be locked onto the OFFICIAL BASS WEEK PAGE to stay updated on all things Bass Week as we start our countdown to the best week of the year!



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It takes many things to become successful in the music business, especially in the close knit world that is Drum and Bass. One man has been able to carve out a permanent spot for himself in this scene and that man is DJ Bailey. Working as a DJ, radio host and a producer, Bailey is a self proclaimed and a group enforced ‘DJ Representer’ covering all the stops within DNB and earning him the up-most respect by professionals, peers and fans.

Bailey’s career started much the same as the others of his time. Hailing from South London, he was first exposed to the burgeoning world of Acid House, Detroit Techno and Hardcore by attending the infamous warehouse parties of the late 80′s and early 90′s. It was at this time that Breakbeat started to be heard on the dance floors which led to the development of Drum and Bass and helped it to emerge as the dominant force that is is now. Captivated by these powerful sounds, Bailey began to work the circuit of playing bars, small clubs and pirate radio stations. During this time he began to gain the attention of some prominent members of the DNB scene and was quickly recruited by Metalheadz in ’95 to join the team as a resident DJ for their club nights, a position he still holds to this day. Hell, he just celebrated alongside the big man himself, Goldie, when they celebrated the Metalheadz 20th Anniversary last month! It takes a man of real talent to maintain a staying power like that and his resume speaks for itself.

Aside from touring circles around the world both individually and as part of the World of Drum and Bass tour, Bailey has always stayed busy working in radio studios. Bailey held a residency at BBC 1 and 1xtra from 2002-2012 bring DNB to the masses every Wednesday for 10 years. After a decade of pounding the BBC airwaves, Bailey moved his show to the Ministry of Sound’s studios where we can catch him Live on Air every Tuesday at 5pm GMT. It takes a real talent to be asked to play to millions on air week after week, and his DJ skills speak for themselves. Recently profiled by Serato as part of their ‘Serato Icon Artist Series’ Bailey’s skills are valued for his ability to hear the promise in fresh sounds while respecting the spirit of the classics, a talent that can be heard on air, in the club or on disc.

Bailey is respected across the span of Drum and Bass and his skills transition from behind the decks and into the studio as well. Although he is recognized more notably for his impressive mixing skills, he has spent time in the studio with the likes of Goldie, Damien Marley, Nas, and Roni Size. Most recently Bailey was commissioned by Chronic Records to mix ‘Warehouse Music’ a 24 track compilation selected by Bryan Gee. This compilation perfectly showcases Bailey’s flawless skills on the decks by mixing the likes of Sereum, Optiv & BTK, Bladerunner, Roni Size and Need for Mirrors (to name a small few.)

Between his weekly radio show, production projects and his relentless touring Bailey has been able to gain an understanding and respect for Drum and Bass that only a true veteran to the scene could develop. It is the deep appreciation for both the sound and craft that has allowed Bailey to excel in the way he has. No newcomer to the World of Drum and Bass tour, which will be coming to Toronto on March 28th, he has also just launched a monthly event of his own, Soul In Motion, alongside Need For Mirrors, which will be taking place the first Wednesday of every month in March. Sadly, us Canadian’s don’t have the luxury of the lucky Londoner’s do, therefor we must embrace what chances we have to experience talent of this magnitude.

On March 28th at Barcode Nightclub in Toronto, Bailey will be joining DJ SS, Mampi Swift, and Greenlaw while they make the Toronto stop of the WODNB tour. Locals for the night include: Everfresh, Mr. Brown and Rick Toxic creating a well rounded and high energy line up. This event is for the heads and cannot not be missed. WODNB is the 3rd Party of this years Bass Week, with the year’s events kicking off with Projek: Hospitality the week before. Tickets for this event are available individually but if you want to save some money and enjoy a week of Drum and Bass, then make sure to pick up a wristband!

Event Info: Projek – World of Drum and Bass

364 Richmond St East, Toronto

Must be 19+ with ID


BassWeek wristbands go on sale this Friday at 10AM on Ticketmaster starting at $79. Wristbands will grant access to 4 BIG BassWeek events and more!

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