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Most memorable Destiny experience? Simple: signing over 1000 autographs after an epic set in 2001. Amazing night, kind of the last Destiny/WEMF night I did. WEMF was very special and I am proud with my contribution and the amount of amazing European DJ’s I got over there for Ryan. Certainly beat the pants off ‘EDM’ and of course WEMF will always be synonymous with trance and house for me – because that was the best scene with the best vibe and the best times when the events commanded huge crowds.


One other memory – every minute I spent with the incredible Don Berns – I totally loved that man and cannot believe I never saw him again after 2001. Puts everything else into perspective.



** Join us on August 14th, 2015 to celebrate 22 continuous years of Destiny events! CLICK HERE for more info **

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Wow… 22 years, that’s impressive! Destiny Events have been a staple as long as I’ve been around! So I have to say that having their support has granted me the good fortune of having many positive memories. Here’s my top 3.

Destiny Fridays:

28568_402928190821_1294508_nIn my early days of “raving” I remember attending many weekly events, be it Magic Monday’s @ Catch 22, Milanos on Sunday or Destiny Fridays.

I remember, back than I was listening to mostly ‘punk’ and ‘industrial’. I was curious about the rave culture and would venture out to the second level of a club on Isabella Street to investigate it. Week after week I’d go to this event called “Destiny Fridays” to watch and eventually study Toronto’s finest DJ’s and MC’s.

It’s was such an amazing experience and… I didn’t know anyone, so it wasn’t a social thing, it was strictly music. To go from that level, to being asked to perform years later is indescribable! Being accepted as a DJ that could keep up with the A-listers, by a company that I hold with such high regard is amazing!

By that point, their weekly was being held in a catacomb like warehouse in the club district that really represented the true spirit of rave to me! That ‘underground’ feeling that was so real back then. It was amazing and added to the experience! This time I wasn’t watching the residents…I was playing alongside them!

World Trance Festival aka WEMF:

189451_10150116572685822_4468407_nWell for those of you who’ve been around, know what WEMF wasn’t called WEMF for the first 2 years. The first installment of this epic series of events was in 1995 and was held in Barrie.

My crew consisting of curious non ravers and I had arrived right after the infamous tornado had touched down and were confused as the entire camp site seemed to be destroyed. Overturned tents and debris was everywhere! It was devastating and the damage was extensive, but it wasn’t enough to keep them down, a few hours later the stage was back up and music was pumping again! The vibe was positive the whole time!
The lasting memory from that weekend I’ll always have was watching the silhouette of a raver with “phat pants” dancing on top of a U-Haul as the sun came up. Awesome!

Projek Chase and Status:

533555_10151380074150934_178731889_nThis will be a night I’ll never forget! Being the first time I was booked to play a solo set for Destiny, I was a little nervous to say the least.

The date was November 30th 2012 and it was held inside the Guvernment’s main room! The space was at capacity and the energy was off the charts!

While I waited in the wings watching my heroes Chase & Status play hit after hit to the crowd the anticipation of my time was becoming more real! Unexpectedly, C&S decided to stop earlier than planned and suddenly… it was game time!

As I was about to plug in, I recall getting a word of encouragement from Ryan Kruger which was just enough to put me over the top! The crowd was extremely receptive to what I was playing and it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. As 3am drew nigh, I was getting ready to stop, but the soundman, the bouncers and the full room said otherwise! I kept going and played just over 2 hours. What an incredible night!!



Politics aside, we are performers, and our job is to make people dance and have amazing memories they’ll keep forever. Destiny has always been a company that understood that fundamental element. Their shows are driven by a love for the music and nothing more! It’s that organic love that shines through and has allowed them to be around consistently for more than 2 decades!

So to Ryan and Jesse, thanks for everything you’ve done! Your hard work and perseverance has been inspiring to me as a performer and a promoter!

For more about Mr. Brown:



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“My Destiny memory comes from the very first Destiny event, July 17 1993 at Isabella Gardens. There were actually three raves that night, none of the big promoters of that era such as Pleasure Force or Nitrous had an event that night so I guess it was an open date for smaller or lesser known promoters to throw an event (same thing goes on to this day).

happyfaceWe started our night at a Rave at the recently towed away for scrap ‘Captain Johns’ restaurant boat put on by Happy Face. It sucked.  We were really pissed that we wasted money and time there, to be perfectly honest.

Next we went to 318 Richmond (aka: 23 Hop) for a party called Vivid which if I remember was put on by this guy ‘Joe’ who was basically Dr No’s driver/right hand man. We tried to talk our way in cause we didn’t want to spend more money after 942438_10151603127600822_393363692_nHappy Face but who ever was at the door wasn’t having it. Basically this was the 1993 equivalent of the “cool guy” party, if you know what I mean, with all of our DJ heroes and their crews hanging out there and we didn’t have the “juice” to get in. This party had a great line up featuring Ruffneck, Medicine Muffin as well as one of the very first parties that Mystical played at. We went there to see him play specifically and when we couldn’t talk our way in it was looking like our night was a bust.

One of my friends suggested that we should check out this party up north of the city called “Destiny” seeing as we had to drive up north back home anyway. Destiny was a brand new promoter that we didn’t know and this was their first party so we had no idea what to expect.


We got there after 4am and somehow talked our way in (I owe you 20 bucks Ryan lol). Clearly this was the event that had pulled the most numbers as it was rammed. It was in this weird sort of chalet type building with this musty brown carpet on the floors and wooden panelling on the walls. Luckily for us we got there in time to catch our favourite DJ on the planet at that time, Dr No. I remember not being able to find the stage or the DJ booth and it was way to rammed and dark in there to even attempt to locate it at that point in the night for us (if you know what I mean….)

I will always remember the smoke machines filling the room and the green lasers cutting through the smoke creating that classic 90’s rave atmosphere while Dr No played the DARKEST 93 Hardcore/Jungle tunes and MCing for himself from some unknown location in that building. Was definitely a surreal raving moment for me, head down in the middle of the dancefloor with only the speaker stack as a reference point for where the music was coming from while the sun started to creep through the windows as Dr No played darkside Jungle from seemingly another planet. Who knew that about 10 years later I would start playing for this same company and that 22 years later (Wow!) we would all still be here doing this.  Crazy!

Huge respect out to Ryan, Jesse, Dan and the whole crew behind Destiny then and now for your unmatched dedication to providing a good time for people and creating a platform for the music and the culture behind it.

Here are two tunes that I remember being played that night, both certified 1993 Jungle classics for those who know. Take your brain to another dimension.”

For more about Lush:



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“My most memorable experience from a Destiny event would have to be Destiny 8 as it was the first one I played. I was playing a lot of the UK house and techno sound at the time. The lineup also included Cosmic Baby, DJ Dag, Kimball Collins, Dr Trance, Eryk S, Andy Roberts, Matt C, Nitin and more.

I’ve also had memorable experiences playing Destiny 9, Destiny Fridays, D10 (3 day festival: I remember playing in the woods which was surreal), Destiny 11, Destiny 28, and many more throughout the years leading up to the last World Electronic Music Festival.”


For more about Joee Cons:



** Join us on August 14th, 2015 to celebrate 22 continuous years of Destiny events! CLICK HERE for more info **

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“I have a lot of great memories from my VERY long time with Destiny. Some as a party goer, some as a DJ. All of them good.

28568_402928190821_1294508_nAs a raver in the early days, I went to many Destiny events, but I was a regular at Destiny Fridays at 31 Commissioner St. My weekends were planned around Destiny Friday’s first, everything else second. There were few nights I missed there. In fact, I skipped my high school prom to go to Destiny Fridays instead! It was a magical place.

One of the highlights from my time there was my hero (at the time): Dominik. In the glory days of the Toronto rave scene you couldn’t throw a party without having Dominik play. He was a true staple of the scene. I would go to hear him play every weekend. One night, they celebrated his 23rd birthday at Destiny Fridays. As we all sang Happy Birthday to him, I set a goal for myself that, as an aspiring DJ, I would be as popular as Dominik was by the time I was 23. Thankfully that’s a goal that I accomplished.

Remember that time I was on the cover of Eye Magazine promoting WEMF in 2000?

A photo posted by Dan Monic (@danmonic) on

Fast-forward a few years to my first opportunity to play for Destiny in 1997. I got to open the main room of ‘The Docks’ (now called Sound Academy). It was the biggest party and the biggest room I’d played at to date. I’d been playing at top 40 clubs and small parties for 5 years before that, but I was so nervous that I was shaking the whole set. From that night on I became a Destiny resident. I played many of the big parties, and very often at the NEW Destiny Fridays on Isabella St. Things came full circle.

I could go on and on about those days, but I’ll narrow it down to 2 great memories from playing Destiny events:

First: WEMF 1999 in Sauble Beach. The breaks DJ’s were put in a tent on a very hot and very dry weekend. When people started dancing the dust that they kicked up was insane! The tent was nicknamed ‘The Dust Bowl’ for the remainder of the weekend. When I started my set the records I’d put on the turntable were black, but when the song was done they were a brownish grey. It took weeks to clean those records afterwards, and some still have that dust in the grooves to this day! It was a great set and the people got dirty and danced hard. One girl came to the front to tell me how much she loved the set so far. She asked if I was single, because if I was she’d totally marry me! I laughed and jokingly told her: “I don’t see a ring!”. She promptly took one of hers off of her hand and put it on my pinky finger (the only one it would fit on). Thanks to Alex D from Tribe for capturing that moment.


Second: The second memory was given to me by a couple of people that stopped me at one of my Pure Phunk events in the early 2000’s to tell me a story. In 1998, Destiny booked me to play at their next event called ‘Fusion’. This party took place at the Warehouse (later called the Kool Haus) and I was to play in the Orange Room (later called Chroma) at 11:00pm. This was printed on all the posted time slots, and that’s what time I got there. However, there was a ‘game time decision’ to switch my slot with the 5:00am slot. Didn’t matter to me, I preferred to play late and back then breaks in the morning was a preferred genre. I recall that set well. The room was rammed from 5:00am to close and it was a great set.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I had fans! Two of those fans (who didn’t know each other) went to that party separately for the purpose of seeing me play. They saw that I was supposed to play at 11:00, and when I didn’t go on at 11:00 they found out that I’d been moved to 5:00am… so they waited… separately. Over the course of the night they noticed each other standing around and waiting. After a couple hours of exchanging glances they started talking. They both found out that they had something in common right away. Me. They talked, they danced, they had a great time, and they stayed in touch… and a year or so later they got married. Those that know me know that I’m never short on words, but when I met these two people and they told me their story I was literally speechless. This story still brings a smile to my face to this day. I wonder if they’re still together…

Congrats on 22 continuous years of amazing events, Destiny!

For more about D-Monic:


** Join us on August 14th, 2015 to celebrate 22 continuous years of Destiny events! CLICK HERE for more info **

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“I have so many Destiny stories but the first two that come to mind are as follows:

I can’t remember exactly which WEMF it was but it was in the vinyl years and the DNB tent was outside. It was an open white tent on a field of grass so you could see the scenery around you. My set time was around 4 ish. For whatever reason the next DJ didn’t show up and I ended up playing for a few hours as the sun came up. This was at a time when I would travel with two half crates of vinyl. I played the A sides and the B sides and played some of the bigger tracks again. The crowd loved it and it was one of those DJ moments that you never forget.


The next one was Jesse coming over to my place a couple of years ago to tell me that Andy C requested I get added to the Ram night when it wasn’t my turn to be on the bill. That’s a great feeling when one of the greatest makes that request!

Thank you to both Ryan and Jesse for the continued support through all of the years. You’ve done so much for Jungle, DnB & Electronic music. You’ve held it up through all of the changing trends and we’re still here today fighting the good fight! It’s our destiny right?!

Happy 22 and here’s to many more!

For more about Marcus Visionary:



** Join us on August 14th, 2015 to celebrate 22 continuous years of Destiny events! CLICK HERE for more info **

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His name resonates within the DnB movement beyond proportions, his career has led to hometown and international success, his commitment to covet drum and bass and keep it growing within the community is undeniable. Who is this I’m speaking of? Well, it’s none other than Mr. Brown.

Whether he’s spinning an extended set at the now illustrious institution that is Church Sundays at Tota Lounge, or breaking bread (literally) at Prophecy Radio’s potlucks, he’s one of the most celebrated pioneers of drum and bass in Toronto.

Mr-Brown-2Born and raised in Toronto, James’ Trinidadian heritage exposed him to many different types of music. From the rhythmic-driven sound of steel drums in calypso to disco tracks played at home growing up, the repertoire of his musical knowledge grew quickly.

When asked about his transformation throughout the years in regards to musical influences he said;

“When I was about 13, I was really into breakdancing… that was my introduction to hip hop and turntable culture. In high school, I got into the mod / rude boy scene and with that, brought Motown, Soul, Reggae and Ska. The 3rd generation of Ska became harder and more punk influence and since I was a skater the entire time that was naturally the next step. But, in 1993 after hearing a Goldie (aka Ruffige Kru) mix tape by accident, I was sold and there was no turning back.”

In the midst of finding his niche and settling into the world of drum and bass he started playing shows in the city at The Labyrinth Lounge, The Apothecary, Audioworks and the Big Bop. Shortly after, he met DJ Sniper & Mystical Influence and started a rotation at Turbo Nightclub, eventually leading to infamous Destiny Friday’s. Shortly after, it was full steam ahead for James. Playing locally and internationally amongst the who’s who of drum and bass, he began conceptualizing projects with both established and up and coming performers in Toronto’s music scene.

In 2007, he joined Prophecy FM with fellow dnb heavyweights; Marcus Visionary, DJ Prime and Gremlinz. The weekly radio show has been an anchor for dj’s, junglists and everyone in between. The Sunday night instalment of well-procured music has been wildly popular for over 20 years and makes it the longest running ‘on air’ drum and bass radio show in North America. Not bad, right?


Continuously working on various projects over the years like Theory Events, Junglist Movement, Heavyweight and playing shows with artists like Netsky, Andy C, Calibre and Sigma has kept Mr. Brown busy and successful throughout the years. More importantly, his knowledge and grassroots approach eventually led to his biggest endeavor to date, Soul in Motion.

In 2002, James started his own production company alongside his friends and fellow DJs, Scott Free and DJ Spinz. Unlike other production companies their foundation was built on a philosophy of unification.

“Soul in Motion is a philosophy. An idea that good music can bring people together which can breed harmony and companionship amongst not just dnb and jungle supporters in the city, but anyone looking for a good party.”

That mentality has made Soul in Motion very successful. With their 13 year anniversary on the horizon, a legacy of great parties and connecting international acts with homegrown talent, they’ve done what they set out to do. It’s not just about the music, it’s about the community and the fabric made stronger by SIM’s contributions.

With an esteemed reputation and dedication to building brands within Toronto’s drum and bass scene, it’s no mistake that Mr. Brown’s career continues to flourish after 25 years. With his solo project, Forward DNB also doing well in the city, the sky still has no limit.

Before we get ready to see Mr. Brown live in action on Saturday night for the highly-anticipated Projek: Spor show, I asked him a few quick questions about food and music of course!

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant right now?

A: Raijin Ramen – Yonge & Dundas

Q: What is your favorite guilty pleasure song?

A: Anything by KISS

Q: If you could fly anywhere, where would it be?

A: Australia to cage dive with sharks


Mr. Brown – Projek Spor Promo Mix by Mr. Brown on Mixcloud


  1. Messiah – Konflict – Spor Remix
  2. Dirge – Spor & Apex & Ewun & Evol Intent
  3. 3 Faces – Spor & Infiltrata
  4. Silver Spaceman – Spor
  5. 1 Up – Spor
  6. Molehill – Spor
  7. Knock You Down VIP – Spor
  8. Stombox – The Qemists – Spor Remix
  9. Lose It – Spor
  10. Aztec – Spor
  11. Nasty – Prodigy – Spor Remix
  12. Bullet Time – Bad Company – Spor Remix
  13. Kingdom – Spor
  14. Toxic Shock – Pendulum – Spor Remix
  15. As I Need You feat. Tasha Baxter – Spor
  16. Some Other Funk – Spor
  17. Breath in, Scream Out – Spor
  18. Ziggaurat – Spor
  19. If You Cry – Spor
  20. The Resistance – Spor
  21. Claret’s March – Spor
  22. The Eyes Have It – Spor
  23. Ignition – Spor
  24. Overdue feat. Tasha Baxter – Spor

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Never before in Ram Records’ 20+ year history has a story as unique and exciting as Bensley’s unfolded. No previous releases. No previous DJ shows. The 19 year old Canadian sent a demo to his favourite label in December 2013 and was signed exclusively within weeks. Embodying the spirit of ‘letting the music do all the talking’ with an added aspirational emphasis that talent really does get spotted amidst the oceanic pools of internet creativity, Bensely’s productions blew the roof off Ram’s Hornchurch HQ on first listen.

Digest his sounds and you’ll understand just why Ram Records snapped him up so quickly. Teetering on the precipice of dark drama and majestic melody, his compositions capture the essence of everything that’s exciting in drum & bass right now. Instantly resonating like you already know them, yet sounding like nothing you’ve heard before, Bensley productions convey a contemporary energy and dynamic that’s instantly distinctive.

Dig into his past and you’ll understand just why Bensley creates the music he does. Influenced by his talented jazz musician grandfather, Bensley is an accomplished saxophone player who travelled throughout Ontario and won various awards as part of his school band. Just as inspired by jazz pioneers Dave Brubeck and Charlie Parker as he is by Loadstar and Wilkinson, his arrangement and chord progressions knowledge goes much deeper than a DAW interface.

When he’s not buried deep in studio science, the Toronto-based artist can be found wakeboarding, gaming and working at a local grocery store. Uninspired by his software development studies, Bensley quit college late 2013 to focus purely on the music. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine a deal with drum & bass’s biggest label would land so quickly… and he’s eager to live up to every challenge such a unique story will throw him. Stay locked.


  1. Bensley – Fandango
  2. Nero – The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)
  3. Madeon – Zephyr (LoKo Remix)
  4. Bensley – Cold Storage
  5. Sub Focus – Twilight
  6. SpectraSoul – Shelter ft. Lily McKenzie
  7. Kill The Noise – Deal With It (KOAN Sound Remix)
  8. Bensley – Next Generation
  9. Skrillex & Diplo – Mind ft. Kai
  10. Mura Masa – Lovesick Fuck
  11. Enter Shikari – Anaesthetist (Koven Remix)
  12. Dub Phizix & Strategy – Bounce
  13. BMotion – Bear Hug
  14. Bensley – Tiptoe
  15. Naughty Boy – Think About It ft. Wiz Khalifa & Ella Eyre (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
  16. Calyx & TeeBee – Long Gone
  17. Bluescreens – Clockaround
  18. Zhu – Faded (Delta Heavy Bootleg)
  19. Bensley – Nocturne
  20. Anile – To Live Without
  21. Chris Dogzout x CZuR – Dirty
  22. Wilkinson – Hopelessly Coping ft. Thabo (Rene LaVice’s Hopelessly Doomed Remix)
  23. Bensley – To The Moon
  24. Rollz – Be Glad

Don’t miss Bensley when he plays at the DESTINY 22 YEAR ANNIVERSARY w/ANDY C & BRILLZ!  Click here for more info!


 More Bensley info:

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Destiny & Embrace Present:


Arena 1: INSIDE

ANDY C *extended set*
more info…

more info…

more info…

more info…

more info…


Arena 2: OUTSIDE

more info…

more info…

more info…

more info…

more info…

more info…

15 Saskatchewan Rd, Toronto, Ontario (CNE)

Must be 19+ with ID
Doors Open at 10:00PM

ADVANCE TICKETS: Starting at $30 and Up

Tickets Available Online:

PLAY DE RECORD : 357 Yonge St. – Toronto, ON – 416-586-0380
CULTURE RISING : 139 Queen Street – Streetsville, ON – 905-826-9165
CULTURE RISING : 143 Lakeshore Rd E. – Port Credit, ON – 905-274-9165
DR DISC : 20 Wilson Street – Hamilton, ON – 905-523-1010

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