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ryan kruger

- Ryan Kruger

With a career spanning over 20 years. Ryan Kruger is the poster boy for our growing electronic music scene in Toronto. Starting Destiny in 1993 he cultivated a strong events company that is highly respected in Toronto and abroad. Between running Destiny and being a managing director at the alpha omega, Electronic Nation Canada, he took a minute to let us pick his brain about the infamous Tornado at WEMF to some of his favourite experiences over the years.

D: What made you decide to start Destiny Events?

RK: I started attending raves as a patron early on in the Toronto rave scene. It was around 1991 and it was literally the first year they existed. I quickly realized I had a connection to the music and the scene like nothing else I had experienced to that point in my life. Within that first year I was helping promote and then partnered on a series of events called Mayhem and then founded Destiny in 1993 with the help of a few other promoters in the city. Being a promoter seemed like a natural fit and still does today.

D: During Destiny’s earlier years, what were some roadblocks that occurred i.e. booking the venue, booking artists or promoting it?

RK: Venues were always the biggest issue. While there were no lack of empty warehouses and film studios in and around Toronto at the time, we were just kids with no experience in real estate. Trying to convince building owners to do what we wanted to do was always a bit of a challenge and it didn’t help that doing events in these types of rooms fell into a legal grey zone where various authorities could shut you down for any number of reasons. Luckily, by-law officers rarely worked late or on weekends and because we didn’t sell alcohol, the police pretty much left us alone. Over the course of those first few years, we learned that negotiation skills would get us the buildings we wanted and avoid us from being targeted by the various agencies that could cause us problems. Artists and promotion were not really issues in the early days. All the DJs were local and without the web even existing at that time, all promo was hand to hand flyers and a physical mailing list. While labour intensive, it wasn’t rocket science!

D: How did WEMF come to fruition? Who were the main coordinators behind the event?

RK: We decided to do WEMF based on the stories we were hearing about multi-day festivals in Europe. Reading about the Mayday festival in Mixmag was the actual inspiration if I recall. Nobody had done anything like it in Canada before and we wanted to try something new. It was 1995 and we built it as our Destiny 2 year anniversary event. We pretty much did it on our own although we did work with a promoter out of the UK called the Outer Limits to help book talent.

D: In 1995, a tornado ripped through WEMF at Mosport International Raceway. How did you deal with the aftermath and what skills did you possess that helped you deal with that occurrence?

RK: While a complete disaster when it happened it was actually a blessing in disguise. It was Friday night when it rolled in and flattened the 3 circus tents we had up as well as smashing all the sound and lights into the ground from those 3 stages . Luckily I was able to convince the sound company to cobble together enough gear to build one big main stage on Saturday morning and continue the party. When word got out that we had been hit by a tornado but were still going it was all over the media – especially the dance radio station and people streamed in all day Saturday. Had this not happened the event would likely disappeared into history as just another event that lost money. 20 years later, I still get asked about it all the time. Skill wise it was a great example of how to manage under pressure and turn adversity into advantage.

D: You’ve produced over 600 events at Destiny. What are some of the most memorable experiences you’ve had over these 21 years?

RK: WEMF festivals were always the most challenging and the most rewarding events I did until joining Live Nation 3 years ago and creating Digital Dreams. We tried to move WEMF every year – sometimes by choice and other times after being chased out of town by an angry mob who we kept awake for 3 days. Building a small city in a new location each year made it interesting to say the least. It was also great experience for almost every facet of business I was involved in over my life. Whether it was transporting 10,000 people to and from Christian Island on a flotilla of water craft or dealing with town councils across Ontario there was never a dull moment.


D: Destiny is known for building strong relationships with artists. How important do you think that is in operating a successful promotions company?

RK: The entertainment industry is based on relationships. It is still a place where you are only as good as your word and burning bridges with artists, agents or the public will haunt you forever. With artists, we always worked very hard not only to provide a great event experience but also get to know them as people where possible. As an artist, you want to feel comfortable when you travel and playing for a friend is always better than a stranger.

D: What are some of the differences you’ve noticed with respect to the ‘EDM Boom’ as opposed to the underground style in the early 90s?

RK: Our goal was always to bring electronic dance music to the masses. Now that this has actually happened it’s not only a great feeling of accomplishment but also a safety mechanism for our industry. When everything was underground it was easier for tastes to change and the industry to lose relevance which it did, in North America through the mid 2000’s. As a mainstream force, it becomes another major genre that is self-perpetuating due to the critical mass of people attending events, creating music, promoting events and everything else that goes into a vibrant scene. The “EDM” boom is simply the gateway for many people to enter dance music who might not otherwise experience the sound, or be turned off by the ‘underground nature’ of the scene. From the gateway people can then become more educated about the various genres and styles but without the gateway there are no next steps!

D: Where do you see Destiny going in the next 21 years? (since it will obviously still be around!)

RK: We will continue to produce the kind of events that people want to attend. Musical tastes and genres will continue to evolve and we will be right there with them. When electronic music runs in your veins for this long it’s unlikely it will ever go away!

D: You also run Electronic Nation as a managing director. How has your experience and Destiny helped you in this position?

RK: If I had not built my promoter skills or enjoyed working as an independent for so many years I would not be here today. Live Nation is the largest concert promoter in the world and as such has the ability to work with and employ people who have proven their abilities in the industry. Hard work and dedication got me here and I continue to use the skills and relationships I’ve developed over those many years on a daily basis.

D: If you weren’t in the music industry, what would you be doing as a career?

RK: I did my MBA in marketing so likely somewhere within that field.

D: Who have been some of your favourite acts booked and why?

RK: You could look at this from two sides. First there are people who I consider friends and who I go back with for many years. People like Andy C, Ed Rush & Optical, Christopher Lawrence and others who I always enjoy not only hearing but also spending time with outside the event. On the other hand, there are artists who I either spent many years wanting to work with and now do or are personal favourites when I listen to music. These include Tiesto, Eric Prydz, Danny Tenaglia, Luciano, Justice and many others. Bottom line here is that since I curate the festival you can look up and down the Digital Dreams line-up and it will give you a pretty good indication of what I like.

D: What are your favourite events to throw and why?

RK: I love them all and try to make each and every one the best it can be. If you sell fun for a living why wouldn’t you?


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Important Announcement about FREAKOUT!

Many of you have been asking about our annual Freakout! rave. Regrettably, we will not be hosting the event in 2014.  A number of factors conspired to prevent the 11th annual event from happening to the level of quality you have come to expect from Destiny. We will be back, bigger and better in 2015 – WE PROMISE!

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you all out at our upcoming Dub Fx show this Friday, October 3 and the final ANDY C performance at Kool Haus on November 28th!

The Destiny Crew.

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A new mix from DJ Lush to get you excited for the Destiny 21 Year Anniversary!

A Note from Lush himself:

“21 years of DESTINY Events and possibly (hopefully not though…) the FINAL Destiny event in the main room of The Guverment. Young Lush was at the very first Destiny party way back in 1993 and I’ve been honoured to have been welcomed to there stage countless times over the last 15 odd years that I have been one of their residents. As a token of my respect I recorded this mix exclusively for Destiny as a warm up for the festivities. A snapshot of the way I play a “big rave” like only Destiny can put on and a great selection of the vibrancy and excitement of the current state of Drum & Bass. Here’s to another 20 years of Destiny! See you on the dance floor.”

(Note: This mix was reuploaded with a new mastered version for a better audio experience. (as if this mix could get any better!))


  1. Dark Shadows – S.P.Y feat Rene LaVice & Total Science
  2. Are You Ready – Calyx
  3. Black Heart – Frankee
  4. Helium – Rene LaVice Remix
  5. It Aint Too Loud – Dillinja
  6. So Inspired To Fail – Rene Lavice
  7. Rudeboy VIP – Sigma
  8. Just Bounce VIP – The Prototypes
  9. Fire – Hamilton
  10. Age Of Empires – Photek
  11. Heavy Metal – S.P.Y
  12. M.I.R – Ulterior Motive
  13. Truth Hurts – Mampi Swift
  14. Fresh – Rene LaVice Remix
  15. Near Me – Decimal Bass
  16. Homage/ Back Too You – Stealth
  17. Drop Bombs – Callide
  18. Force Field – Optiv & BTK Remix
  19. Count On Me – Andy C Remix
  20. Regrets – Rene LaVice
  21. Want My Love – Metrik
  22. Bleeps Tune – Photek
  23. Individual – C.A.B.L.E
  24. Dirty Love – TC Remix
  25. Mucky Business – S.P.Y
  26. Killa Sound – Mikal
  27. Marka – Dub Phyzics & Skeptical
  28. After Dark (J Kenzo mix) – Gremlinz & Homemade Weapons feat Collinjah
  29. Lights – Prototypes
  30. The Legion – Total Science & S.P.Y
  31. Prometheus – Enei
  32. Status Low – Mikal & Break
  33. Could This Be Real – Sub Focus
  34. Da Bass 2 Dark – Asylum
  35. War Master – NC 17 & Soul Culture
  36. Fighter – Unreal Remix
  37. Neo – Audio Remix
  38. Dismiss – Artificial Intelligence & Command Strange
  39. Disco Ball – Command Strange
  40. Hotplate – Enei
  41. U – Alix Perez
  42. Spiritual Aura (Basher Remix) – DJ Rap
  43. Labyrinth – Slangbanger
  44. Gully – Frankee
  45. Mythos – Inside Info & Mefjus
  46. Tingz A Gwan – Voltage
  47. Soldiers – Mampi Swift
  48. Where My Ladies At? – Rene Lavice

More Info on Lush:

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Pendulum. It’s that simple. There is no explanation for the power that their name holds in the drum and bass community and beyond. Their fluidity as a group of experienced musicians catapulted them into a sort of cult-classic group that is well revered in music today. Heavily influenced by the ethereal sounds of Led Zepplin & Soundgarden they all had similar attitudes towards music that would prove to be a hit. Before Pendulum was formed, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen were apart of a rock metal band called Xygen, but Swire had bigger plans. Because they were both fans of electronic music, they decided to start making music on their computers. By 2002, Paul Harding (or better known to his fans as ‘El Hornet‘) joined the duo. He was already an established drum and bass DJ in Perth which made him a great asset and allowed for more experimentation with the heavy rock influence in their exciting new brand of fusion drum & bass.


By 2003 they released their first record as a trio entitled ‘The Vault‘ and moved to the U.K. to expand their horizons. In the following years they slowly began cultivating their first studio album, ‘Hold Your Colour‘ which sold over 300,000 copies and featured smash-hits like the “superhero singed”, ‘Slam‘ and ‘Hold Your Colour’ created with Karl Thomas (aka: ShockOne).  After the success of their critically-acclaimed debut album they decided that it was time to expand.  In 2006 the trio became a sextet with the addition of, Ben Mount (MC), Peredur ap Gwynedd (Guitarist) and Paul Kodish (Drummer). The bold move was effective as their sound became both diversified and grounded.  After quickly melding together as bandmates they wasted no time getting back to the studio for their second album in 2008 entitled, ‘In Silico‘.  The regression back to more of their hard rock influence saw mixed reviews, but they still managed to rock the charts and continue to build their fan base. Surprisingly, a year after the release of ‘In Silico’, Paul Kodish left the band.

Pendulum-hold_your_colourInstead of halting everything to restructure, they continued on and toured in Europe the same year while promoting plans for their next album, ‘Immersion’. Released in May of 2010, it was a cumulation of everything Pendulum is. If you didn’t know who they were before, you definitely did then!  The album featured arguably their most popular song, ‘The Island‘ along with heavy-hitters such as ‘Witchcraft‘, ‘Salt in the Wounds‘, ‘Watercolour‘ and ‘Crush‘. The album also had major chart success followed by a deluxe release on iTunes featuring six remixes of ‘The Island’ including Steve Angello, AN21& Max Vangeli’s edit to Madeon and Lenzman’s. After the release, they’ve all taken time apart to focus on other projects. Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are focusing on their wildly successful act as Knife Party and El Hornet & MC Verse are steadily touring the Pendulum name all around the world.  Earlier this year murmurings of a new album have been confirmed by bandmates, so it’s only a matter of time until we see this masterful band release some new music!

Below are some of my favourite Pendulum songs to get you in the mood for Friday night!

‘Different’ – All of their musical influences mesh together seamlessly and the haunting vocals make it a definite favourite in my book.

‘Toxic Shock’ (Spor Remix) – The energetic edge that Spor puts on this edit is dangerous. Dancefloor approved.

‘Witchcraft’ (Rob Swire’s Drumstep Remix) – Swire takes on his own creation with a drumstep tempo that is just so undeniably good.

Its is beyond fitting that Destiny is having Pendulum play their DJ Set at the Kool Haus this Friday! Come and celebrate 21 years with us and get your tickets now before it’s too late!

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“Everything is connected by vibrations and it’s that positive force that helps music connect with people. I carry this energy in my songs.”
Dub FX

In a technological world with a growing demand for new music, we tend to encounter generic and at times, barely palatable music. Few artists make a point to create not only a piece of music but a feeling to which we can relate to that music. Dub FX better known as Ben Standford is the man doing just that. The Australian native who took to the streets with little money and a dream of drawing people into his colourful world began making a name for himself in a short five years. He purchased a looping station and preformed all over Australia before taking his skills abroad mesmerizing people traveling through busy urban streets. His unique beatboxing skills and knack for creating unprecedented sounds got him recognized and soon enough his moniker as Dub FX was exploding in the music industry. Early on in his career he played in a variety of different bands including Twitch & N.O.N. with current bandmate CAde. From hip hop to heavy metal and MCing over breakbeat & house music, he understood the nuances of music and breathed life into all of his projects.


Looking for something more personal and unique, he set forth on his journey of musical exploration. Instead of signing with a record label he decided to go solo and cultivate his projects under his own label, Convoyun. Ltd. Alongside help from ‘Flower Fairy‘ (his fiancé), CAde Anderson and Andy V he continued to grow his band adding more musical instruments to his music and live performances. In 2007 he released a live performance compilation followed up by his first studio album, ‘Everythinks A Ripple‘ which highlighted his love for bass music and genre-fusion tracks. It generated a buzz and standout tracks including, ‘Society Gates‘ & ‘Love Me Or Not‘ were fan favourites. Staying true to his street preforming background the importance of touring became his focus. In a span of five years he’s toured over 40 countries, sold 100,000 records and has an enormous social media following of over 1 million fans. Impressive? I think so. After several years of solid touring he took some time off to return to the studio. His second studio album titled, ‘Theory of Harmony’  was released last December and focuses on an array of social and political issues which is a common thread in his career. Moreover, tracks like ‘In My Head’ and ‘Bass Line‘ showcase his idea of what bass music should sound like. The restraint and subtlety of the basslines are well executed and beautifully refreshing. The ‘Theory of Harmony’ tour has been igniting cities all over the world and fans have continued to be awed by his raw, intense performances. With steady traveling, a growing fan base and a pure love for music there is no stopping the rise of Dub FX.

Things you don’t know about Dub FX:

As much as we know about Ben’s street performing and his music. We took the time to find some interesting facts about the phenom. From the ideal MC to the gadgets he can’t live without! Here’s a few things to get you more acquainted with the lovely, Dub FX.

  • Wash Your Mouth with Soap: His MCs must abstain from excessive use of profanity and subject matter must be enlightening and engaging
  • Go Big or Go Home: He wants to be able to bring more things and the road and expand the band (3 piece horn section, bass, guitars, back-up singers etc)
  • Flashback: The songs on ‘Everythink is a Ripple’ were written 10 years previously. They were written on guitar then transferred to a looping station.
  • Deja Vu: He doesn’t like to see a band and have it sound exactly like a CD (Don’t we all?) 100% agree
  • Toy Story: He refers to himself as a ‘gear slut’ studio ex. Vocal SM9 Monitors, SPO Tube Vitalizer, Most sounds still come from the pedal and drum samples.
  • Deserted: He could happily live on a desert island. His DJ persona is outgoing but Ben himself, is an introvert. “I can entertain myself, that’s what an introvert is”. “Dub FX is extroverted, I bounce off the audience around me and I feed on energy that comes in.”
  • BFF: He’s known CAde since he was 15 years old. He respects his bandmate and praises him for success. “I’m just an artist and CAde is the mind behind making the machinery work.”

The whole ideology of Dub FX is the sums of its parts. His image of living well and sharing his love of art and music is directly reflected in his releases and performances. The ‘Theory of Harmony‘ tour lands here October 3rd at The Opera House with support from Vilify, Marcus Visionary and Frase. His last Toronto performance came within a couple of people of selling out,  so don’t miss out!

Tickets are available ONLINE or through our amazing team of promoters HERE.

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Winning over the hearts of old school junglists and new lovers of bass music hasn’t proved too much of a feat for Loadstar. Comprised of the immensely talented duo, Gavin Harris (Xample) and Nick Hill (Lomax) their musical development took two very different paths. Inspired by a wide range of artists such as, Prince, Quincy Jones, Ed Rush & Optical, Roni Size and Dillinja it was clear that fusing both of their sounds would result in major success. The darkest most experimental Drum & Bass juxtaposed with thought-provoking insatiable melodies proved to be the trademark of this wildly talented duo.

Fate had introduced Xample and Lomax before they knew they would become the new darlings of RAM Records. Initially, they meet in 2004 when Gavin booked Nick, one-third of the production trio, ‘Holdtight‘, for a Drum & Bass night he was promoting. Shortly after, Gavin came home from university and bumped into Nick who had also just moved to Bristol igniting the idea of working together. Nick was actively producing and releasing a lot of tracks for major labels so it was no mistake that he landed on the Ram Records with a VIP for the track, ‘Artisan’. Gavin was also noticed by Andy C and co-founder Scott Bourne when he sent them demos of tracks over instant messenger. Ten minutes later they replied and ultimately, signed him to the prestigious label.

Subsequent to joining forces and releasing more music together, they realized they would have to come up with a moniker to reintroduce themselves to the drum and bass world as a unit. After sifting through old rave tapes and outdated technology, they came across an old E-mu synthesizer. While the E-mu was taking some time to load, it displayed a spinning star. There it was. They had their ‘eureka’ moment and decided to name themselves, ‘Loadstar‘. It was the beginning of a new era that would change their careers forever.

Beginning to work together in 2006 they released tracks like, ‘The Latter/Lowdown‘ which was their first B-side and ‘Contra‘ another relevant single in their history. However, their debut track as Loadstar titled, ‘Link to the Past‘ released in late 2010, would prove to be the best start any duo could ask for. The track became critically-acclaimed and resulted in them winning ‘best new single‘ at the Drum and Bass Arena Awards. Continually releasing new music and producing for other artists like Hadouken! & P Money, kept them busy and engaged in all areas of bass music.

The most pivotal year for them would be 2013. Releasing their debut album, ‘Future Perfect’, a 15-track exploration in creating a cohesive project as a duo was beyond successful. Standout tracks including, ‘Black & White’, ‘Refuse to Love’ and ‘Warrior‘ were well received by fans and supported by their peers. The waves of dark, deep aggressive bass contrasted by the beautifully euphoric melodies were executed seamlessly. They also released their smashing 2-hour essential mix that year highlighting their inspirations, the music they like playing and everything in-between. The feedback from their label, and media outlets including, radio and magazine confirmed that the direction they have taken thus far, has been favourable.

All of Loadstar’s success has been the by-product of patience, learning and passion. Purveyor of all things hot, Zane Lowe called them ‘superstars in the making’ and dubbed them with, ‘the hottest record in the world’ one two occasions; for their remix of Ed Sheeran’s ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ in 2012 and ‘Warrior’ ft. Jakes in 2013. Never shying away from a challenge, they’ve done endless remixes all over the musical spectrum. From doing a mash hit for Annie Mac on BBC Radio One for Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’, to remixing Noisia’s ‘Tommy’s Theme’ there is no project too difficult for them to take on. They have continued to explode in the bass music scene and proved to be a massive, versatile duo.

No more wishing upon a star! They’ll be making all of us starry-eyed inside the House of Boom alongside the RAM RECORDS family: Calyx & Teebee, DC Breaks, Rene Lavice and none other than the executioner himself, ANDY C. 

Words By: Saha P



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It’s hard to believe the wait is almost over! The No.19 Social Experiment stage is new to the Digital Dreams festival and will host only seven unique, genre-bending artists including, Green Velvet, Guy Gerber and Art Department. As the countdown continues, take the time to get acquainted with one of house music’s pioneers. The lovely, talented, Green Velvet.

Green Velvet:

Who needs black velvet when you can have green? Curtis Jones otherwise known as Green Velvet has constructed a career based on persistence and passion. Leaving his academic life behind while studying chemical engineering at the Univeristy of Illinois, proved to be a ticket to a career of satisfying success.Already musically inclined, by playing the saxophone and having a father that was a  part-time DJ, it was no mistake he would fall into the world of electronic music. Now revered as being a pioneer of the Chicago House scene he’s got quite the impressive list of achievements. Earlier in this career, he first released music under the moniker of ‘Cajmere‘ the ‘CAJ’ standing for the initials of his name. Experimenting with the  growing Chicago House sound and finding his place within the genre, he started his own self-entitled label, ‘Cajmere’, and released the classic track, ‘Coffee Pot’ (It’s Time For the Percolator). Follow-up tracks include the immensely popular, ‘La La Land’, ‘Gendefekt’  and ‘When’ with subject matter ranging from drugs to racial unrest. As house continued to diversify and sub-genres gained steam in the dance music circuit, he started his second label, Relief. Under this label, he took on the persona of ‘Green Velvet’ and earned a slew of No.1 hits in the U.S. and abroad. More recently, he released his smash-hit, ‘Bigger Than Prince.’  which ignited dance floors around the world and was featured on various compilations LPs this year including, ‘A Tribute to Chicago, Vol. 4′ and ‘Cajual vs. Relief Compilation’.

What is so alluring about Mr. Jones is his capacity to keep pushing himself. Constantly creating music under a variety of aliases and record labels is something that he is used to. For over twenty years he’s been multiple different artists, such as Cajmere, Half Pint, Curran Stone, Geo Vogt and more. Most artists feel they have achieved a certain level of transcendency by taking on difficult projects, expanding their references or collaborating with artists in different genres. Green Velvet on the other hand, has done all of this as a host of different people. Taking his time between projects, finding his niche, and creating the ultimate experience for new fans and old is why he is such a massive force within our culture. Recently, His unique style and diverse sets make him one act you do not want to miss at Digital Dreams this year! It’s always time for the percolator. Get your tickets and come jam with us in a few short days!

Here’s a little taste of Green Velvet just tearing it up on his weekly ‘Electric Playground‘ podcast. See you all at the No.19 Social ExperimentStage! Enjoy!


Words By: Saha P

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After a year of patiently waiting Digital Dreams is finally here. This weekend marks the kick off to the Third Annual Digital Dream Music Festival, meaning come Saturday afternoon, revelers will be flocking to the MCA Flats to enjoy beats, bass, booze and babes. While in theory this all seems like the best combination of things since, like, ever, not everyone knows how to go about enjoying these things responsibly.

We are not here to preach to you like your mother (I think everyone is aware that we here at Destiny are far from being saints ourselves) but I am going to take advantage of this cyber platform and lend some helpful pointers to help make this your best weekend possible.  Everything from ensuring you drink enough water  (you’re going to be raving in 30+ weather mmmk?) to how to use your futuristic wristbands. So sit back, put on some tunes, and take a few minutes to read up on the tips that will make this weekend everything you hoped for.

Stay Hydrated

Do I really even need to mention this? The thirst is real folks. You are going to be dancing..  in the sun.. with very little shade..  for a very long time with a brain full of whatever and a liver full of booze, you owe it to yourself to keep your water game strong. Do both yourself and your wallet a favour and bring ONE SEALED water bottle with you which you can refill at one of the free refill stations. You are more than welcome to bring in any of the following: empty canteens, empty camelbacks or empty water bottles as long as they are not glass.

My Tip:  Head to Rexall. They sell these giant 1.5L water bottles for around $2. Grab it and bring it in. Next, enjoy the delisciousness that is the packaged Rexall water and when its all gone, head to one of the refill stations to top it up then repeat as much as your thirsty little soul desires. Yes these obnoxiously sized water bottles are not the most convenient thing to carry around but trust me. You will a) make so many new friends from people asking for sips in the middle of the crowd b) thank me when you are walking past the refill station line and see how long it is c) use that extra bit of water in your oversized bottle to pour on yourself, your bros or your babes when you’re sweating worse than Rob Ford when he’s going through withdrawals.

Feed your stomach – then your liver

Sometimes when you are dancing and having a blast with friends the last thing on your mind is to eat. I think everyone has been on a bender or two when they finally realize that they haven’t consumed anything not in liquid form in over 24hrs. Don’t make this mistake. This year you are allowed to bring in your own food as long as its factory sealed. Bags of chips, trail mix, pre-packaged sandwiches/wraps (7/11 steeze) and stuff like that is totally acceptable. The PB&J your mom made you? No. I definitely recommend bringing in at least a few snacks. Protein Bars are amazing for events such as this and are small enough that they can fit in your neon coloured fanny pack. I am not suggesting you pack an entire picnic to bring in because really, who wants to boogie with a bag full of food, so budget enough that you can scan your band for some of the amazing hot food that will be available on the grounds and pack a few factory sealed snacks for when you need to get your munch on.


So I guess when planning Digital Dreams this year Kruger embraced the inner-Marty McFly and planned some forward thinking back to the future kind of shit to make paying and raving that much easier. The Intellitix Cashless Wristband is an awesome feature that we can expect to see become standard at the majority of festivals. However, fully understanding how they work is another thing. So here is the run down:

1. Get your wristband. Tickets purchased online (prior to June 15) will have had them shipped to you. If you bought your tickets after, take ticket/e-ticket to the box office at MCA Flats starting June 26th from 12Pm-8Pm and exchange it for your wristband.

2. Do us all a favour and wait to put it on. So many people have messaged saying that they put it on too tight, or they put it on and it was damaged. If you can, wait to get to the festival grounds and have a friend or worker put it on for you leaving about one finger’s width of space between the band and your wrist.

3. Register your wristband: Stop what your doing right now, including reading this, and click HERE to register your wristband. Do this as soon as you get your band and then you can add funds to your account. Don’t wait to get there and have to stand around glued to your smartphone trying to register – you’re there to party.

** Top-up stations will be available throughout the festival grounds so you can spend as much of the cash  your heart desires (the money on your wristband is being called “dream dollars” but in reality its just regular boring dollars..  don’t ask.) When adding funds you have the choice of using the smartphone app or even top it up with cash, debit or credit at one of the multiple kiosks **

4. These bands are pretty indestructible. So whether they get covered in your rave gravy or your bro spills his Budlight on it, the band will still scan. But don’t take this for granted (even superman had kryptonite) so guard it and treat it like you would your wallet.

5. Remember: Not only is this your wallet – it is your ticket. Don’t lose it. Don’t wreck it. Just don’t be stupid. Okay? *see below for more stupid details*

Save Time and Don’t Be Stupid

It is expected that there will be some questions from many of you, such as what you can and cannot bring into Digital Dreams. One thing you shouldn’t forget at home – common sense. Save everyone the time and energy when going through security at the gates and just use your head. No, you cannot bring in any weapons. No, you cannot take your wristband off and give it to someone else and no you cannot bring your own booze (*tear WEMF memories*). The beauty of festivals such as this becoming successful is completely dependent on the crowd in attendance. Respect the grounds you are partying on. Use the trash cans. Dont start fights.  This shit is basic guys, so save us all the headache and party smart. Below is a list of what you can and cannot bring into Digital Dreams with you.

What You Can Bring In:

  • Point and Shoot Cameras
  • Empty Water Bottles and Water Containers, Including empty Camelbaks
  • Sealed Water Bottles up to 2 liters MAX
  • Small Collapsible Umbrella
  • Small Towels
  • Small Backpack or Bags
  • Personal Amount of Food in a Factory Sealed Package
  • Flags of Any Size (provided they are not fixed to a pole of any kind)
  • Good Vibes


What You Cannot Bring In:

  • Outside Alcohol
  • Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
  • Lawn Chairs
  • Weapons of any Kind
  • Glass Bottles or Cans
  • Hard Shell Coolers
  • Megaphones or Air horns
  • Laser Pointers
  • Footballs, Soccer Balls, etc.
  • Animals (Service Animals an Exception)
  • Large Backpacks
  • Large Wallet Chains or Spikes
  • Tents
  • Flag Poles
  • Aerosol Cans of any Kind
  • Professional Cameras (anything with a detachable lens)
  • Professional Audio/Video Recording Devices
  • Any Object that can be use as a Projectile or Weapon
  • Drones
  • A Bad Attitude


Now that the basics are outlined for you all. Rest up. Gear up. And we will see you all on Saturday June 28th!

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As the countdown continues to two glorious days under the sun when Toronto is taken over by the best electronic artists in the scene, we continue to highlight all the stages at Canada’s biggest electronic festival. Here at Destiny, we are more than proud to be apart of the *cough* best stage, the ‘HOUSE OF BOOM’! Where all things beautifully, dark and bass-heavy will be experienced by a plethora of ‘PLUR-ers’ and baseheads uniting to create a symphonic sound under the sun. The ‘House of Boom’ this year is expanded to hold more revellers and create more space for utter pandemonium! So get ready Toronto!

Bro Safari:

I have no idea why Bro Safari hasn’t turned into a household name within the electronic music community over the past years..  but I am confident that after the set he will be bringing us on Saturday June 28th this is going to change. True fans of drum and bass should be well acquainted with the group ‘Evol Intent’ who brought us the sounds of hard DNB throughout the years. Always wanting to diversify their sound in any way possible, the individual members have developed their own solo careers outside of the drum and bass genre, bring us a mix of electro and disco house as well as moombahton, trap and dubstep, the latter of those being crafted by one third of Evol Intent, Nick Weiller, famously known as Bro Safari.

Rather than hopping on the band wagon when moombahton went on the rise in 2012, Bro Safari was in the background building the very wagon that so many hitched their stars to. Seamlessly blending the existing sounds of dubstep with the airy and light heartedness of the emergening moombahton genre, Bro Safari was quick to make a name for himself on the festival circuit. With support from the likes of Diplo, Dillon Francis, Knife Party and more, we can expect a high energy set full of creativity and forward thinking goodness. Currious to hear what a Bro Safari set entails – check the video below for a flashback of his preformance at Ultra ’14.


Come on..  you know them. I know them. Every drum and bass loving individual and their mother knows them. DC Breaks are a pair of leading DNB producers and DJs signed to the masterful force that is Ram Records. These two have been making quite a name for themselves over the years with powerful releases on Ram time and time again. In the last year alone the releases these two put out were all massive in their own right. Shaman, dropped in 2013, became an instant anthem – opening almost any DNB set that was played throughout the year. As if Shaman and Let it Go (the B-Side) didn’t set the bar high enough, the singles to follow kept getting better and better. Gambino/Burning was up next with Swag/Proton following. To call the latter amazing is an understatement and Swag proved to fans that DC Breaks are, and will always be, a force to be reckoned with.

On Sunday, June 29th Ram Records takes over the House of Boom – turning it into a haven for the jungelist inside all of us. THIS is where you want to be – DC Breaks taking the stage alongside RAM heavy weights: Rene Lavice, Loadstar, Calyx and Teebee and of course, none other than sir Andy C. 


Purchase online tickets here:

DJ LINE UP (alphabetical order):

Saturday, June 28th

Dreams Stage:
Andy Ares
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
Joe Ghost

Echo Beach Stage:
Carlo Lio b2b Nathan Barato
Claude Van Stroke
Daniel Dubb
Danny Tenaglia
Deep Dish
Nicole Moudaber
Plastic Plates
Sebastian Leger
Stefano Noferini

Bicardi House of Boom:
Bro Safari
Flux Pavilion
I Am Legion
Keys ‘N Krates
The Crystal Method

Fantasy Land:
Alex M.O.R.P.H
Andy Moor
Fleming & Lawrence
Simon Patterson
Super 8 & Tab

Sunday, June 29th

Dreams Stage:
Dash Berlin
Eric Prydz
Fedde le Grand
Paul Oakenfold

Echo Beach Stage:
Jay Lumen
Paco Osuna
Sydney Blu
Victor Calderone

Bicardi House of Boom:
Andy C
Calix & Teebee
DC Breaks
Marcus Visionary
Rene LaVice

No 19:
Art Department
DJ Sneak
Eric Volta
Green Velvet
Guy Gerber
My Favourite Robot

Visit: to watch the 2013 official recap video!

Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @Envy_Production to win FREE tickets



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Echo Beach, one of my favourite summer venues to enjoy music whether it be electronic or alternative. Shoes off and raving in the sand is what summer is really about. This year if there is one thing you must do at Digital Dreams, it is to tear yourself away form the Dreams Stage (the stage that is now the biggest erected in Canada) and make your way to the heaven that is Echo Beach. Along the beautiful waterfront and in the sand you can enjoy the sounds of techno to deep house with every stunning sub-genre in between. The echo beach line up reads like a whose-who of  legends of the electronic music, with some of the most influential DJs and producers gracing the stage. This year we have the likes of Victor Caldrone, Claude Von Stroke, Danny Tengalia and even the techno queen Nicole Moudaber. Most notably we see the reunion of Deep Dish the powerful techno duo comprised of Dubfire and fellow Digital Dreams artist Sharam.  

Take a minute and refresh your minds with the legendary Deep Dish!

(Next up…   Luciano)


For lovers of deep house, the news of Deep Dish reuniting in 2014 was the best news they could hear. For Deep Dish fans residing in proximity of Digital Dreams, hearing that they would be headlining the first night of Digital Dreams was even better news. The duo, comprised of Dubfire and Sharam, first joined powers in ’92 before disbanding in 2006. Their catalogue is impressive and includes a wide array of remixes, collaboration projects and original productions. It was their debut album ‘Junk Science‘ which catapolted Deep Dish into popularity – effortlessly assisting in transporting the underground to a bourgeoning  mainstream community. Their original productions were numerous however it was their countless remix projects which gained the most attention. Following the success of Junk Science the offers began pouring in from famous artists to have their records receive the ‘Deep Dish‘ touch, two of such projects landing both Grammy wins and nominations for “Remix of the Year.”

The pair became regarded as the superstars of their time and toured tirelessly across the globe bring the sounds of deep house to the masses. In 2006 Deep Dish disbanded, with Dubfire and Sharam off to pursue equally successful solo careers. On Saturday March 22nd, the duo reunited for the first time since 2008 to record a coveted mix for BBC – the legendary Essential Mix. The announcement of the Essential Mix put Deep Dish fans at ease, and signalled to the masses that they were back. On Saturday June 28th experience history in the making when Deep Dish brings opening night of Digital Dreams to a close as they headline the stage at Echo Beach.

If for some reason you are yet to grab your tickets, HEAD HERE and grab your fancy wristbands which are allowing for you to rave cashless for the entire weekend.

More details can be found on the Digital Dreams Facebook Page 


- Liv Weir

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